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  1. amj


    You will find that the IUSR (or what it is in Win 7) needs the security as this is the user id that IIS sees in the browser rather than the logged on id.
  2. If you have the Q's & A's in a DB then it might be an idea to have an array that you swap pointers (to Q's) over in a random way. I have used this method for a project I had on the laptop.Psudo code Loop myarray a = random b = random swap = myarray(a) myarray(a) = myarray(b) myarray(b) = swapEnd loop
  3. amj


    One thing that I find useful for email code like this that you will reuse is to create a function place it into a file of it's own as an .incEach file that needs the code add it at the top and then just pass variables into the function for each of the fields.
  4. amj

    IE versions

    The alternative way to test using multiple browsers is to have a number of virtual machines installed onto your main PC.
  5. I started in the early 90's by reading a book. Having done programming at Uni and they had an old version of the word processor Wordstar that they had us provide them with a number of documents with formatting tags in. Upon seeing HTML that reminded me of the few WS docs.Still use a glorified notepad and browser to check code works. Moved on from pure HTML to including JS for various features. Had a play with Frontpage and realised that hand codeing ASP pages could result in files that were much smaller and more controllable. I tend to have IIS installed on my PC to act as a test bed and
  6. If you have a lot of meta tags that you repeat/common from page to page I often write these in from a JavaScript file. This way you will only need to modify the common file a bit like when you change the CSS style. <head> <script src="common.js" type="text/javascript"></script></head> Where common.js could write the many usual bits like characterset etc.As far as SEO I find that even without some of the usual bits (of code) most BOTS will find your site. Best method is to include a link from a site that gets a lot of BOT traffic as BOTS will look at all links on t
  7. amj

    Learning ASP

    I find the VBScript Function page on this site very usefulhttp://www.w3schools.com/vbscript/vbscript_ref_functions.aspThe page has them listed by type, also check out the examples.Try breaking a problem down into byte sized chunks.
  8. It would be feasible to have static pages with just the required products on but this need a lot of work to update compared to a database driven solution.ie chairs.htmtables.htmetcrather than product.asp?type=chair
  9. If it's just the button that you want perhaps just replicate the code for the button where you need it on your page - I'm assuming that you also run the page that the download button is on.
  10. amj

    Equalizing content

    If you have a character count or a byte count on the data you could then assume that these are the relative dimensions of the two data sections.I assume that you'd want 2 equal width collumns then you will need to find all of the paragraph breaks to insert more space - easy to say rather than do.Alternatively if the data is placed into 2 columns of unequal width then that will make the text look to occupy the same space.Data1 might by 120 bytes, Data2 say 150 bytesCollumn1 would be 120/(120+150) * 100 as a % Collumn2 would be 150/(120+150) * 100 as a % Would look very surreal if there was much
  11. There are a few bits in the ASP section that you will find useful for connecting XLS to ASP. Also see the code on sites such as asp101
  12. There are ways of doing this provided that your server will allow you to run script such as ASP, ASP.Net or PHP.
  13. amj

    Reading Excel in ASP

    Is this just a one off routine to take the data from an XLS file to insert into the SQL db?If so then surely it's easier to open the SQL using access and then import the XLS.
  14. I tend to use JS to build up the email address when the page is loaded<!-- document.write('<a href="mailto:'); document.write('username'+'@'+'domain.com?subject=Reqest from the Web Site">'); document.write('Send us a message<br>'); document.write('<img src="email.gif" alt="Send us a message" border=0>'); document.write('</a>');//--> Also with this code I am also using an email icon.
  15. Sounds like you need to check if 'all' of the IIS services have been stopped and or set to not start at startup. Once this has happened you should then be able to remove it.
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