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  1. Hi,I've got a javascript code that I want to use on my website, but for some reason (this has happened to me before), it looks like the Javascript code needs to have List tags (<li>) in order for it to work. Is this true?I tried removing the li and ul tags, but the javascript then doesn't work when I preview it.Visit this website: http://www.web-kreation.com/demos/mootools...ter-mouseleave/If you view source, you will see the containers are using li tags.... It doesn't look like it though because you cant see the bullets ... Maybe if you make the bullets white, like the white page? Is th
  2. Hi,I have 2 types of Javascript in my website (see scripts below). It seems like they are conflicting each other. Out of the 2 javascripts given below, the javascript thats on the top doesn't work ... and when I swop positions, the other javascript works!Why? must be conflicting each other? Is it not a case of renaming something in this javascript?Please let me know, thanks,d. <link rel="stylesheet" href="css2/style.css" type="text/css2" /> <script src="js/mootools-1.2.1-core-yc.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="js/clickMe.js" type="text/javascript"><
  3. Yes I understand that dreamweaver isn't 100% 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get" ... I browse the pages always in IE explorer and Firefox to see how they appear.My question was for when I am designing websites or putting them together ... does CS5 have a layout view? like CS3 does and Dreamweaver 8 ...
  4. BTW ... As you might have figured out, I do web design visually (layout view) ... Do you think Dreamweaver CS5 will cater for web designers like myself? I'm asking this because CS4 didn't have a LAYOUT VIEW and I couldn't design websites. Does CS5 have a layout view? I know there were a lot of complaints about CS4 ridding Layout View, so maybe they brought it back in CS5 ???I'm currently working on CS3.Let me know or if anyone else knows too...d.
  5. Ahhhhh! Great .. it has worked!!! :-) :-)So giving the main table the ID: main_content, basically made the table a layer (like in photoshop)?You have been the best help because you have given me the answers whereas with previous topics on here, I've had replys where its a working-out process for me. I don't think some of the other gurues understand that I do battle to understand coding.Yes, I work with widescreen monitors, so I tend to make tables quite large, although I do try keep it so that theres no horizontal scrolling for smaller monitors ... but this particular client wanted quite a wid
  6. Sorry for the late reply ... i've tried that and it hasn't worked unfortunately! ... Yes the table has all the content. (the very outer table which holds all the webpage info etc etc) ... go to www.testing123.co.za and on the home page you will see i've tried to add this footer to this page.Where would I add the z-index attribute for this table?Go to the website address quoted above and that probably will make it easier for you to see in 'view source'.....
  7. Hi,thanks...I've added z-index:0; ... and it did dissapear like you said it might but how high can you make the z-index value?I've tried increasing the value from 1 - 10 and its still not there... any suggestions ...
  8. Hi,I'm still struggeling to achieve this. I'm trying hard to get a footer background to work.I've got the main background on the website, although I also want a footer background. I've added some CSS codes to try get this working and I'm almost there, but I've only got 1 problem. If you look at this image ...you will notice that the background image is at the footer (bottom of the page), but it is in FRONT of the page. I need that footer image to go behind my page. Its supposed to look like this (I photoshopped that image to make it look like the footer background is behind the page)The HTM
  9. Hi,What do I put in my php form code, so that when someone fills in my online form, the form goes to more than, example 5 email addresses?Heres what my coding looks like: $to = "me@xxxxxxxxxxxx.com"; $bcc = "me@xxxxxxxxxxxx.com"; $from = $_POST['email']; $subject = "Website Enquiry"; As you can see, I've got a $bcc for a second email address, but how do I bcc more than email addresses?I tried: $bcc = "me@xxxxxxxxxxxx.com; me@xxxxxxxxxxxx.com; me@xxxxxxxxxxxx.com"; ... and this didn't workAny help?
  10. Hi,I have recently posted in this forum of a slideshow that I am having problems with on a website that I am creating. You can catch up if you click here: http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=30237Now I've decided to go with a different javascript slideshow, please visit this website to see the slideshow: http://smoothgallery.jondesign.net/showcas...-picture%286%29(I want to put this slideshow on my website)On that website, you'll notice at the bottom "YEAH OK, ENOUGH DEMO ... TELL ME MORE!" ... click on that which will take you to a page where there are instructions to settin
  11. Hi,I am designing a website and I have tried to add a footer background to the website and its not positioning the way I want it to!If you go to www.testing123.co.za .. you will notice the fish / coral background at the bottom of the website. The background image only starts straight after the last table... whereas I want the image to start further up , half of the image behind the bottom of my webpage and half of the image below the last table I have (hope you understand what I mean?) ... Does anyone know what I must do?NOTE: I'm not very clued up with css and html code, so please be alaborat
  12. Hmmmm that such a pity ... you sure there is nothing I or we can do to make the sideshow work, by adding / deleting script?Altering the Javascript code sounds very complicated!Ye but how many people these days turn off javascript? (good point you made me relize though!)If we can't work this gallery then is there any like the one I got thats VERY similar?Dee(I'm off to bed as its 2:30am) ... but guys, I would appreciate the imput!Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks ... no offence - that does mean greek to me, as I mentioned in my post above IE: I am useless as css and coding at the moment ... and I battle to understand the terminology you guys use, which is something I'm trying to learn.but there are infinitely more different ways to do a slideshow with just CSS ... I understand this ... but since I do not write code, this is something I can't do until I've learn't how to do it (in many years times) ... This code is something I have copied and pasted from a free gallery that someone published to the public. I like it because it is simple ... bu
  14. Hi thescientist and others ... I've made some progress but still have a problem ...If you go to the site now (refresh to see change) ... you will notice its lined up the image but I ever since I removed the LIST tags, the image doesn't fade or change to the next image:See my code: <div id="slider"> <span id="sliderContent"> <span class="sliderImage"> <a href=""><img src="mainpic.jpg" alt="1" /></a> <span class="bottom"><strong>Title text 1</strong><br />Content text...</span> <span class="sliderImage"> <a
  15. I also notice this in its css style script: ul { list-style-type: none;} I must remove this?
  16. Yes you are right... Gees I am thick ... didn't relize I copied the <li etc:As you know, this is the code: <div id="slider"> <ul id="sliderContent"> class="sliderImage" <a href=""><img src="mainpic.jpg" alt="1" /></a> <span class="bottom"><strong>Title text 1</strong><br />Content text...</span> </li> <li class="sliderImage"> <a href=""><img src="mainpic.jpg" alt="2" /></a> <span class="top"><strong>Title text 2</strong><br />Content text...</span> &l
  17. Well what I am doing is creating a cell 1050px wide by 508px height ... then placing the cursor in the cell (as if I am about to write text) .. then click on CODE and pasting this code in:<div id="slider"> <ul id="sliderContent"> <li class="sliderImage"> <a href=""><img src="mainpic.jpg" alt="1" /></a> <span class="bottom"><strong>Title text 1</strong><br />Content text...</span> </li> <li class="sliderImage"> <a href=""><img src="mainpic.jpg" alt="2" /></a> <span class="top"&g
  18. Hi,I got some problems with a website I'm busy on and I can't seem to figure or beable to saught out the problem.Go to www.testing123.co.za and please see my problem with the main big photo I have, that flashes from photo to photo (it just flashes to the same photo at the moment):- Notice that the image doesn't fill up flush to the left-hand margin / page ... whereas it does on the right-hand side.- Notice how the image isn't flush against the top - theres a small gap (THE PALM TREE FRON IS SUPPOSE TO LINE UP)- But notice how the text that slides up from the bottom or from the top is the corre
  19. Hi,I was surfing the net and I'm often looking to improve my website - make it more functional etc.Anyway ... I found this site: http://devkick.com/lab/galleria/ I found that site and they offer Javascript and code for an image gallery setup.Now of course I follow the directions and what they say but I can't get the gallery right. They make it sound MUCH easier than it is ... like I honestly don't know what I'm doing! lol ... but i want to get this right - I'm determined.Please have a look at that website and revert back to this email so you know where I am going ...They say: I did this and
  20. Thanks!I looked at WordPress and it looks good but only for BLOGS ... which is something maybe I'd like to put into my websites in the near future ... so I'll bookmark that.BUT at the moment I'm more looking for a CMS so that clients can change text content and photo's on their own website without having to contact me.Look at: http://www.interactivetools.com/products/cmsbuilder/What do you think?
  21. Hi,I am a web developed and I'm interested in adding CMS to my websites? I've looked online for websites who sell these products, but I'd prefer someoneon w3schools who has had more experience to recommend me what company sells a good CMS product at an affordable price?I'd appreciate your help, thanks!reflex84
  22. Is there no settings in Dreamweaver CS3 to make the border 0 as a default?Or do I HAVE to go into CSS and change it each time?
  23. Hi,How do i get RID of blue borders when linking an image on Dreamweaver CS3?Is there a setting I must change on dreamweaver CS3?D
  24. Hi,I've seen some sites that have a footer image background ... which repeats left and right of the webpage and of course, the image ONLY "hovers" or stays at the bottom (footer) of the website.?I'd like to know what the CSS code is to do that?Thanks d
  25. Hi,I've tried it out - and it works 100% - thanks!!!d
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