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    I haven't logged in in years, and I think I got the same thing.The email sent to me said the message was from user: mignulikz, and the subject was "hello"However I was unable to actually read the message, since for some reason my account doesn't allow me personal messages.I also was unable to contact the forum administration for the same reason (no personal messages).jefkin
  2. Gosh, I must be old.Anyone ever here of 'vi' ???Now-a-days I use 'vim' and 'cream'.Vim is a nicer more powerful version of vi. and Cream is the same thing with windoze type menus and a cleaner integration with windows.Jefkin
  3. Slightly off topic, ... but to clarify While I'm not, myself, Walter Zorn, I have downloaded and examined his library -- actually quite a while ago.The example that you pointed out actually does not use the same image. The image is sampled by the (very hefty) javascript library, which then generates a zillion little div's with background colors to match the image. Then these are positioned on the web site.Basically, this technique is not extreemly efective, and is often rather slow.Back to topic:As imbored531 said, just make a copy.For all but the most gigantic images, make a copy of your
  4. Hi everyone, Just wanted to make my first post here count. A) Everytime I have a tough issue with web design/programing/ui, this site is one of my first 'go-to' places to find answers.That said, contrary to the prohibition on page:DHTML ExamplesI found a way to make a drop down change color with every browser I've tried.I've included my code. <script>var sel; // variable for holding an HTML DOM select objectvar opt; // variable for holding an HTML DOM option objectfunction color_me(id){ if ((sel = document.getElementById(id)) && (opt = sel.options[sel.selectedInde
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