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  1. Thanks, I loaded it, ran it, Bam-pow. Using tab "DOM" gives me a lot to start with. nearly 70 percent of the first 1000 lines contain Red text. Almost everything is Google related. I will need to go slow as I need to learn the program and continue my education in all related formats including Flash. But from what I've seen this program "FireBug" is exactly what I've been looking for.Thank you so very much.
  2. Thanks I'll try that, and no I dont use IE-8 anymore except to make sure page works with the major browsers.
  3. I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum, Please point me in the proper direction.Skill level Beginner, I know Some older machine launguage from the old 8088 cpu days, Q-Basic, Basic, Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal, Logic controlled devices and other languages from Technical Electronics. Including Fortran and some others....Just learning CSS, have a fairly good understanding of HTML.Symptoms, Page dose not completely load, vidoes play about 3 seconds and stop.PROBLEM:I just switched to Motzilla Fire Fox browser from IE-8, Everything worked well for some time. This is in reference to a MySpace profile page. When I load the page it never completes loading. Message at bottom bar says it's still loading, "Read i3.ything.com". I have been told that this has something to do with a browser add on. but I'm not totally convened. I have gone over the some 2000 lines of code and can not find any reference to "ything.com" I have some 20 videos from YouTube and some comments on page also contain videos as well.That's why I decided to try posting here first.Please if you can point me to the proper forum for this question, or offer some help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.
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