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  1. I don't know about the try-it-yourself examples, but then I would actually do it using notepad or another simpler program, you could look for some free ones on sourceforge or I use Dreamweaver, because its helps me to get it going without having to use the tryityourself items. Dreamweaver is expensive unless you get the cheap ones from amazon or friends as a gift.
  2. Not like we ask the owners, just us making a fraps video with the text or voice record with fraps, or any screen rocorder and upload to a videosharing website and make the link for this lesson, on veoh for best quality.
  3. Xalor

    Making a Website

    When your using a website for private hobbies and other things, that aren't making money, spending money is pointless, its not like even a videogame where you are forced to buy games because there are no free possibilites. You have to think about your own parents. Even if they know about your activities, its not something you would spend money on when there are ways to get free websites.
  4. Xalor

    New design

    Do you provide services for phpbb3?
  5. Xalor


    What do you guys think of my sig and avatar?
  6. Xalor

    Making a Website

    Skemcin, its not that its totally free. I really don't think a website for personal use should cost money, I personally don't trust website that give out cheaper domains, and use secured payment as in mailed money or check. I hate using credit cards online because of all fraud and identity theft. For the younger people, my age the "teens" or even young adults with little income should look for the free offers, and start there. Its best to start from scratch, and think anyone would agree with me.
  7. Its comparatively slow-loading and the colors and the headers and side bars are messed up for me on opera. Is it about religion or some sort of religious blog?
  8. Xalor


    Thats actually really good, simple and looks quite professional.
  9. Same it says 404 not found for me also.
  10. Lol, I thought is was a bunch of well people that are also the forum people. Guess I was totally wrong.
  11. Xalor


    Excel is not something you can learn from a tutorial, its more of a hands-on approach, experiment learn and practice. I'm taking a class in High School for MS Office and all the programs and their abilities. Excel is simple, but remember that numbers aren't always used for calculations.
  12. jEdit -> for editing languages that don't have their own thing, such as .lua which is use for my MS SourceOpera -> IMO, one the best browsers, if not the bestGimp -> Photoshop alt. AAA Logo Maker -> easy to use to make logos, but the free version doesn't let u save as...so i ss and cut it outFraps -> Screen Recorder for recording blocked websites for school and for games.
  13. Finally got it to work. Its pretty good fast, and simple. Uses so little space it makes me want to switch from Opera to it, but its not that good with history, I like something with a appealing design.
  14. Xalor

    WYSIWYG Editors

    Thanks, is Notepad++ an add-on to Notepad?
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