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  1. I've iust finished a new web app, Personality Test Maker, and this is the critique forum so feel free. xD You can use this app to create a Personality Test for your website, you are given the complete code to copy + paste, or you can download a standalone HTML file for your computer or phone. I hope someone out there finds this app useful! Any critiques/suggestions/etc welcome! https://sckewi.neocities.org/quiz-zone/personality-test-maker/
  2. sckewi

    Transactions Help

    Hello there and Happy New Year! I'm a little confused about transactions in MySQL. Let's say we have a "comment_thread" table and a "comments" table. The comments table has a "comment_thread_id_num" column so we can select all comments from that thread using it. The "comment_thread" table has a "num_comments" table which keeps count of how many comments are in this particular thread. Now, let's say we have an AddComment function, something like this. function AddComment( $ThreadIDNum, $CommentText ) { // Step 1 - Insert comment into comments table // Step 2 - Update
  3. >>> Copy and Paste Emojis <<< Hey all, long time since I posted here! I've just finished a web project and thought I'd advertise it here get some critiques! The project is a Copy & Paste Emoji site/app. On all pages you can simply click or touch an emoji to copy it to your clipboard, then you can paste on social media, your website, forums or anywhere that supports them Desktop + mobile friendly Home page is a big list of emojis with category jump Category pages with more info on each emoji Detail pages with even more detail on eac
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