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  1. I've iust finished a new web app, Personality Test Maker, and this is the critique forum so feel free. xD You can use this app to create a Personality Test for your website, you are given the complete code to copy + paste, or you can download a standalone HTML file for your computer or phone. I hope someone out there finds this app useful! Any critiques/suggestions/etc welcome! https://sckewi.neocities.org/quiz-zone/personality-test-maker/
  2. sckewi

    Transactions Help

    Hello there and Happy New Year! I'm a little confused about transactions in MySQL. Let's say we have a "comment_thread" table and a "comments" table. The comments table has a "comment_thread_id_num" column so we can select all comments from that thread using it. The "comment_thread" table has a "num_comments" table which keeps count of how many comments are in this particular thread. Now, let's say we have an AddComment function, something like this. function AddComment( $ThreadIDNum, $CommentText ) { // Step 1 - Insert comment into comments table // Step 2 - Update comment_thread, add one to num_comments } Now, we want to use a transaction. Because if we lose database connnection between step one and step 2, the num_comments column will be incorrect. So let's do that function AddComment( $ThreadIDNum, $CommentText ) { // Step 1 - Begin transaction // Step 2 - Insert comment into comments table // Step 3 - Update comment_thread, add one to num_comments // Step 4 - Commit transaction // Step 5 - Roll back if failed? } So, here's where I'm getting confused. With my current web host, occasionally I am experiencing losing my database connection half way through a script. So I figure if I use a transaction like above, ether both steps will be completed, or they wont. There shouldn't be any concept of losing connection between the two steps, because we send BOTH queries to the database at the same time in step 4 So then, what is the point in rolling back? Assuming there's no errors in my syntax, the queries either rached the the database and worked or they did not? In fact, if we've lost connection roll back won't work anyway? I'm pretty sure I'm misunderstanding something here. Any help would be much appreciated! Edit: Also, appologies I probably should have put this in the SQL section of the forum.
  3. >>> Copy and Paste Emojis <<< Hey all, long time since I posted here! I've just finished a web project and thought I'd advertise it here get some critiques! The project is a Copy & Paste Emoji site/app. On all pages you can simply click or touch an emoji to copy it to your clipboard, then you can paste on social media, your website, forums or anywhere that supports them Desktop + mobile friendly Home page is a big list of emojis with category jump Category pages with more info on each emoji Detail pages with even more detail on each emoji. I plan to add more info to these pages in an update Search page - Search for emojis by keyword Enjoy! I do want to make this as useful as possible for people, so any suggestions are welcome!
  4. Ahah, thanks for letting me know about that.I'm using a template that I recoded to HTML4.01 Strict for the layout. That's the background that came with it. .All of the website functionality, like signing in/signing up, forums etc is my work, done in PHP. At the moment the site might not work though, I'm currently moving to a new web host, and it's taking ages to propagate, for me at least.
  5. It's an old game, but there are still lots of players.I made this website for my clan.It's at sort of 1.0 stage at the moment. Meaning it does everything I want. It's basically a bit of a hobby of mine so I'll always be improving it as time goes by. Specially if the clan grows.Anyway check it out. Sign up for an account if you'd like (you can sign up for an account without joining the clan).http://www.sckewi.com
  6. Ah I see. I was using HTML 4.01 Transitional. I needed, okay, wanted , the target="_blank" attribute for some of the links. I know I could have used window.open but there were no other scripts on the page, and it was just a single page, as opposed to a huge project, so I decided just to alter the doctype.
  7. You may or may not already know this, but you can develop ASP.NET projects with Microsoft's free Visual Web Developer Express. If you already know this, then it's likely you've assessed this already and it doesn't suit your needs.If not, it might be worth a checking out. I don't know if it has support for classic ASP. For ASP.NET, it create's a temporary server on a random port whenever you compile and has lots of great free debugging feature's etc.
  8. I put a <b> tag in some markup when I was testing something recently. I noticed it didn't produce a validation error (I have a Firefox addon which validates the current page locally).I tend to just use <strong> anyway. I do agree with Deirdre's Dad's comments, though.
  9. Heh, I thought they were a requirement. I'll probably give them a miss from now on.
  10. Hey Hybrid killer, here is a working version: window.onload = deleteLinks;function verifyAction(url){ var verify = confirm("Are you sure you want to delete this item? This action CANNOT be undone!"); if(verify){ window.location = url; }else { return false; }}function deleteLinks(){ // Does work with the this keyword but this keyword is unnecessary. var deleteButton = document.getElementById("delete"); // This allows us to pass the deleteButton.href as a parameter to verifyAction. deleteButton.onclick = function(){return verifyAction(deleteButton.href)};} Hope this helps! (Tested in IE8, FF3, Chrome 4).
  11. Firstly, thanks very much for your reply.I think I've now got this. So by pointing my NS records/Nameservers to an external host I'm telling my registrar that the said host is now in charge of my MX, CNAME, A, etc records.If I've got this right, this would mean that if I want to use one company for hosting my website, and another for hosting my email, I would require ether:The desired website host can provide the IP address(s) for my A records, and the desired email host can provide the values I need for my MX records e.g server URL, Priority etc. I then go to my registrar, use my registrar's default NS record values and fill out the A and MX records with the values I get from the desired website host and desired email host.Or...I set my registrar's NS records with the values I get from my desired website host. The website host themselves should provide an option to change the MX records values (because they are now in charge of that), and I set those MX records to the values I get from my desired Email host.Is that right?
  12. Okay, so my domain registrar has a page where I can set my name servers as inns01.whateverhost.comns02.whateverhost.com.There's also a seperate page for "advanced DNS". Here I can set MX, CNAME, TXT and some others.My issue is that if I set my NS servers to an external host, and I don't leave them as the default values (the ones my registrar put in), the settings in the advanced DNS section are ignored. Is that how it should be? Or should I be able to set the advanced DNS settings, AND the nameservers to whatever I want and everything work properly.If someone could clear this up, it would be a great help.
  13. I actually think this is one of the best sites I've seen on here. I also think the face in the corner is a nice touch. I love the little tutorials with the diagrams.
  14. You can also add a mark of the web to the top of the page's HTML:<!-- saved from url=(0023)http://www.contoso.com/ -->IE wont give you that error message anymore, but unfortauntely it will go into quirks mode, and you'll probably want to remove the mark of the web from the page's HTML before uploading to a live website.More info on mark of the webhttp://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms...Mark_of_the_Web
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