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  1. Wow, "download FireFox".No, not a viable solution. On a site about web development that should not even remotely be suggested as a course of action.If I told the users on our intranet to "just download FireFox" I would be fired.I have FireFox installed (have had it for about 3 months or so), but I am not going to choose that as a solution to a web development bug.Sorry for the rant.FYI, I am still seeing the problem.
  2. W3Schools site is a great and invaluable resource.Unfortunately, I have not been able to access this resource for a while now.The homepage loads fine, but when I click ANY internal link all I get is a blank page. When i do a view source it appears as though IIS quit rendering the page after the opening body tag.I have tested this on several machines and it seems to be down to the specific versin of IE that is running on this machine: Version: 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158CO Update Versions:; SP2; (yes, there is an initial semi-colon)I read in other posts that I can use FireFox to
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