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  1. Hi, As we have "Google"(logo) link on the bottom left corner of Google Map and while clicking we will be redirected to http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.508742,-0.12085&z=5&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=US&mapclient=apiv3 Can we access this link(Google logo) with alert pop up message "Would you like to go to this page" before going to google map page? If so please let me know the steps to follow. Thanks in advance. Thanks, R.Sridaran
  2. Actually my project requirement is to work for IE7 browser. So I need solution for IE7 browser.
  3. I have <div><button class="bton-link"></button></div> in left navigation of my webpage. Here width of <div> is set as 80%. Button value will be generated dynamically. The value will be too lengthy. In all browsers the button values are breaking into next line automatically. In IE7 browser the button values extending on the same line without breaking overlapping other divs. I tried all the following css properties. None of it worked for me: word-break: break-all; word-wrap: break-word; white-space:normal; white-space:pre-line; white-space:pre-wrap; -webkit-hyphens: auto; hyphens: auto; display: inline; overflow: visible; Can any one give me solution to fix this IE7 issue. Thanks in advance.
  4. I am working in jQuery scroll function to make the header portion of webpage fixed and body portion scrollable. My code is working fine in chrome & firefox browsers. But the scroll is not working in IE8 browser. Can any one tell me that where I did mistake? Here is my script: <style type="text/css"> .nav{ z-index: 9999; position: fixed; left: 0; top: 0; width: 100%;}</style> <script>jQuery("document").ready(function($){var nav = $('.fixedhead');$(window).scroll(function () {if ($(window).scrollTop() > 0) {nav.addClass("nav");} else {nav.removeClass("nav");}});});</script>
  5. Is it possible to apply styles to HTML5 autocomplete textbox. i.e styles to following datalist options: <input type="text" name="srch" id="srch" list="datalist1" /><datalist id="datalist1"> <option value="Australia"> <option value="Austria"> <option value="Belgium"> </datalist>
  6. I am trying auto complete text using json file. But only last data is getting displayed. Can anyone tell me where I did mistake? autocomplete.json {"label" : "Aragorn","label" : "Arwen","label" : "Bilbo Baggins","label" : "Boromir","label" : "Frodo Baggins","label" : "Gandalf","label" : "Gimli","label" : "Gollum","label" : "Legolas","label" : "Meriadoc Merry Brandybuck","label" : "Peregrin Pippin Took","label" : "Samwise Gamgee"} index.html<html><body><div class="ui-widget"><input id="tags" /><script>$(function() {$( "#tags" ).autocomplete({source:"autocomplete.json"})});</script></div></body></html>
  7. Can anyone tell me how to display html code, css code, javascript code in a webpage. I used <pre> and <code>tags but the html code is not proper and some codes are missing in javascript.
  8. sridaran

    Anchor Link Color

    I have a webpage with anchor links. While clicking its color changing to purple. Even after refreshing the page, the same color exists on the link. I didn't see any pseudo classes linke a:visited{}, a:hover{}. How is it possible without these classes? Can any one explain me.
  9. I am developing one website with css and js modifications. While testing the website is working fine in IE-8 and Firefox browsers. But in Google Chrome and Safari the web page is loading without css. I checked all the css paths on browser and all files are loading perfectly. But on the html page, these css files are not loading. So the webpage is displaying the contents without any css properties. What changes do we need to make in Chrome and Safari in order to make the website work perfectly.
  10. sridaran

    Merging CSS Files

    I need to merge multiple CSS files with same name as one file by checking contents of each file. I am doing manually. Is there any other methods to merge css files quickly without missing any content?
  11. Can any one tell me the Jquery advantages over javascript and also Jquery with Ajax & its advantages. I need to prepare a document. Please help.
  12. Thank you very much. Is there a way to allow only numbers along with this validation? i.e Only numbers are allowed with six digits only.
  13. How to write validation in jquery for zip code(pin code) i.e only 6 digit numbers. Also I need jquery validation for phone number. Can anyone help me please?
  14. I have an index page which has login or signup link on it. While clicking the link, login form will display as an overlay. This form has username and password fields. I set jquery validation for this form. Its working fine.I am checking the username and password with mysql database. If username and password are correct, session starts and we'll goto new page. If username and password are wrong I need to display "Username and Password are invalid" in the login form. Please help me. I strucked here on my coding. Please check my coding below:index.php <form id="form1" method="post" action="loginpro.php"> <label class="label">Username</label> <input type="text" name="uname" /> <label class="label">Password</label> <input type="password" name="pwd" /> <input type="submit" value="Submit" class="button" /> <input type="reset" value="Reset" class="button" /> </form>loginpro.php<?phpsession_start();include('config.php');$login = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM user WHERE (username = '" . mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['uname']) . "') and (password = '" . mysql_real_escape_string(md5($_POST['pwd'])) . "')");if (mysql_num_rows($login) == 1) { $_SESSION['uname'] = $_POST['uname']; header('Location: openlead.php');}else { header('Location: index.php');}?>I need to alter else part here and to display error message on the login form. How to do this? Can any one help me? R.Sridaran
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