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  1. Hi guys, I'm creating a website with an iframe inside to use for text and I have a background that I like alot and would like a transparent background for the iframe so you can see the background through the iframe. I found an example of the transparent box:I don't know if there's a code for the transparent background, or if it's a color, I can't find it anywhere. I'm using HTML by the way, XHTML codes are welcome too
  2. I know you usually must use common fonts on your web pages and such so people can access the font on their computer because if you use a font that's not as popular or not installed on a computer unless someone installs it, it will show up as common. I notice websites use fonts that no one has on their computer or are not "common fonts", so how can I view it on my computer if I was to use a font like that it won't show up on anyone elses? Sorry if this is confusing, hope you get it lol
  3. I have a question though, when should people use CSS? What is the advantage? I hear it's faster than HTML and easier too.....
  4. Hi guys, I'm using HTML, and am not creating a website necessarily on the internet, am just practicing using notepad. Now I have embedded this chat room in the center of the page and wanted to embed another object or picture right next to it on the right, but whenever I try to do that is gos to the next line. You guys may be thinking...well, is the object or photo big enough to fit in that space to the right of the embedded object? Yes, it should fit just fine. but instead the object I want to embed goes beneath it. Can anyone help me? I tried the <align="right"> code and it didn't work, am I putting it in the wrong place?Thanks to whoever helps-Alex
  5. This is the link code:<a href="file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Alex/Desktop/CHAT.htm" style="text-decoration:none" align=left><font size=+4 font face="ren & stimpy" font color="lime">Chat</a>
  6. Ok, I know how to create a link and all that stuff and the link is click-able. I typed in the <a href="..."> code and all the other stuff that goes along with it but what happens is this:PROBLEM LOADING PAGE Check to see if the file was renamed, moved or deleted.Ok, the files we're not deleted, not renamed, all the pages made using Notepad and HTML are all in the same folder, everything else works fine but the links don't go to the other pages like they're supposed to. Please help me out here.Thank you.
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