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  1. well hmm i dont seem to have that problem... what browser ya'll using? lol
  2. makes your content dynamic... its a programming language that helps control and handle data in and out of databases and other web based applications
  3. dont make pages for ie... make pages using valid standards complient code and test them in a supporting browser (firefox is a good choicce), then adjust them to suit ie afterwards... despite most of all web users using ie i count it as kinda low priority
  4. 2 tired to think but instead of setting width in pixels try setting it too 100%, that way it will be the complete width of the window... gotta go sleep though, if that doesnt work some1 less tired may be able to help lol.
  5. wasnt suggesting the w3schools skin, but something at least better than default ipb skin, its old, boring, and extreeeeemely bland.
  6. WiCkEdStYlZ`


    yea ok i forgot the MIME part off the end, heck its 1.30 am here im not surprised lolz, but yea... well at the moment i dont have a free php host without some form of banner ad or problem (except local apache server) so all i gots is html to work with for now... thats why i wont use ie either... i hate it
  7. ahh ok sorry yes i THINK you can but it's not the same as XHTML it's produced by ?> instead of />... if that doesn't work then i'm not quite sure if possible or not but give it a go.
  8. howdy i like these forums, but as a few people have said they are pretty dead, and the people that do come on them probably think that they could do with a little spicing up... i dont mean flashing disco lights, it should be simplistic, professional, but attractive. many forums use the default skin for stuff, and to be honest its a good skin but pretty bland.came up with a couple of suggestions for the forums:1. new skin... blues and white makes a good contrast and makes a good interface, but i think the skin could be improved a lot, or a new skin would be even better. making the forums looks attractive would increase the chances of people sticking to them, and coming back to them each time they have a problem.2. on each post where it shows their profile i think it could do with showing what programming languages each member uses the most, or what they specialize in e.t.c. i think this would be a great improvement to the forums, as it gives the person asking the question a bit of a guide of what people around here are capable of. 3. an introductions forum... these are on most forums nowadays n they seem to work a treat. in the welcome email sent to new members you put a link to the intro forum n say post there with ur real name, age, and a few details about yourself, great way to let the members get to know each other and to keep people interested here.just a few suggestions for tha place but i think they would work well
  9. yep i didnt think u were.... n i wasnt flamin u either m8 lolz, sorry if it came out that way n no probs thx for makin that noticable to me lol
  10. brilliant mysql tutorial, covers the basics like ya wanted..http://www.analysisandsolutions.com/code/m...ic.htm#creating
  11. ya, jus makin life easier n breakin info down... if they didnt know they had to escape html characters then they probably didnt know what it meant... so gave em the code n said what was diff bout code... < doesn't need to be backslashed either
  12. WiCkEdStYlZ`


    kk yea we are getting a little off topic here but i gotta say this...there is 1 thing stopping me use xhtml 1.1 and that is that ie (my most hated browser) doesn't support the application/xhtml media type... if i want to use application/xhtml i have to go xhtml 1.0 to do so, and even then i have to link to an external xsl file to get it working...when ie7 is released and this is supported... then i will use 1.1 strict... until then xhtml 1.0 strict is for me
  13. lmao yea does make ya sound kinda loopy lol... but tickers often use something along marquee lines... although i did manage to find a decent javascript for marquees which should pass validation http://dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex2/cmarquee2.htm
  14. WiCkEdStYlZ`

    #include help

    got link to your page or a snippet of ur asp to look at?
  15. WiCkEdStYlZ`


    CSS layouts are much better to follow and edit than table layouts... but then tables are a much more effecient way of presenting data. so if you're making a page with say 200 people's contact details, tables would be a much better way of showing the information than div's... if you are making a page such as a forum (like this one) it's much better to use div's as you gain much more control over the layout of everything.
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