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  1. hi......i am making a website in php in which i have used media-player for play videos and audio clips. The prob is it runs on IE by enabling activeX but it doesnt run on Firefox.....kindly helpi want to use players that can play formats of mostly all types..
  2. i used insertRow() and deleteRow().....nd yes i did find out that il have to use DOM nd JavaScript..........but then the problem with it is* i can insert a new row, but i want a check box to come with it automatically and some more things like Serial nos to be incremented automatically....also id like to know how to enable cell editing???
  3. hi...I am creating this web site in PHP. But i am having problems in manipulating the tables.For eg. I have a combo box in which i have several options like - add , delete etc.When i click on 'add' i want a row to be inserted automatically. Now there are certain cells that are to be automatically filled in. Each inserted row has a cell containing a check box. How to inserted such rows, which already has a check box in it??? This event is generated when the user click on the add option. I have used onChange() function of javascript for it. kindly help.......There are several other manipulations that i am unable to do. But i thought of going one at a time....
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