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  1. I wrote a few functions in Javascript but would like to migrate them to JQuery and consolidate the code if at all possible, anybody up to the task?All three of these are pretty much part of one major function. Call a page to a specified DIV, then allow track back functionality to restoremy lost back buttons. If these can be meshed, smashed together, recoded for space savings, whatever I would be immensely appreciative.XHR for DIV's /* Swap XMLRequest to Declared DIV Tag */function getHttpRequest() { var i = 0; var end = httpRequestFns.length; var req = null; while (i < end) { try { r
  2. ehime


    Plus one, my ability to look at messages was disallowed. No reason to use it as far as I can think either.
  3. Okay well no responses last night, but here at work this morning with a more complete source code. Here's a better description of what I'm trying to accomplish. The Height variable in my Javascript code is right now static and set at 320px vertical. The problem is that since my height is predefined, yet my internals are dynamic because of the accordion menu, as soon as my menu accordions out, most of my content is then hidden. I willneed to compress these into on js plugin, (probably be formost), and great a height variable that will expand and contract with its content. This all usesJQuery b
  4. I need this [code2]$(document).ready (function() { $('textarea.expanding').autogrow({ maxHeight: 100, minHeight: 30, lineHeight: 16 });})[/code] to end up as my height var for this var isExtended = 0;var height = 320;var width = 200;var slideDuration = 1000;var opacityDuration = 1500;function extendContract(){ if(isExtended == 0){ sideBarSlide(0, height, 1, width); sideBarOpacity(0, 1); isExtended = 1; // make expand tab arrow image face left (inwards) $('#sideBarTab').children().get(0).src = $('#sideBarTab').children().get(0).src.replace(/(\.[^.]+)$/, '-active$1'); } else{ si
  5. ehime

    Adding Autowidth?

    Might help, quick checkovr in firebug gives me this <div id="sideBarContents" style="height: 320px; display: block; width: 200px; opacity: 1;"> Which seems to be the problem. What assigning 320 MAX to my SideBarContents Height style? Hrm....-editLooked at my jquery its a variable in the height req.... looks like I might have to move this over to theJS section.
  6. ehime

    Adding Autowidth?

    So some code but not all since I'm working from hoem tonight but I thought I'd try to get this nipt in the buttbefore tomorrow rears its ugly head. So lets start at the start. I've modified Sexy Sliding Menu (via JQuery) tocreate an internal accordion effect onclick. Fine and good, works damned good actually. Problem is that the wrapthat I'm using to encase this is... Sexy Sliding Menu, which if anyone has played with the moo or jquery (usingthe jquery flavour just fyi). It is does not readjust itself to content. After looking through the CSS and HTML Inoticed that a lot of the overflows are h
  7. ... and again I guess? there a way to delete posts?
  8. I have a iLayer plugin that is calling a remote text file/stripped html file into a local iLayeron my webpage right now, I'm trying to splice it to include a second call for another remotefile under a different function (functions intersect and crash each other now if I use the samefunction name on two different parts of the page). I ran into a block when if v=1 post data,since v is already taken I need something different for it to post a positive integer to forthis.has.data.and.will.post, take a look, tell me what you think. Thanks guys!Origional Plugin: var srcFrame;$(document).ready(funct
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