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  1. the main thing about scripting... is that... where the script is going to execute...on the server or on the client machinevb script is designed to execute on the server...use for dynamic page design.....meen... u want to display data from the date base on the basis of the information provided....where as java script is use to run on client machine...basically use for validating inputs..i think it these info will be sufficent for u for a start
  2. one method is=============<a href= "http://servername/applicationname?Action=S...essionID=" + SessionID" target="_blank">click me to open in new page</a>
  3. for calling java script function , u have to call it like this<body onload="function Body_onload()" STYLE="MARGIN-TOP: 5" text="#006400" link="#0000ff" alink="#ff0000" vlink="#0000ff" background="Images\Erable.jpg"></body>===========================<script language="javaScript">function Body_onload(){ statement 1 ; statement 2 ; statement 3 ;}
  4. code from transfering data from one db to another dbASP Coding:=========<%set cnn=server.CreateObject("adodb.connection")Dim strSQLcnn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & "Data Source=" & Server.MapPath ("db2.mdb") & "; Jet OLEDB:Engine Type=4;"strSQL = "DELETE * FROM [Table]" 'clear the tablecnn.Execute strSQLstrSQL = "INSERT INTO [Table] SELECT * FROM [MS Access;DATABASE=" & Server.MapPath ("db1.mdb") & ";].[Table] where id > 0"cnn.Execute strSQLcnn.CloseSet cnn = Nothing%>
  5. thanks for replying....i got the solution....or you can say i manage the problem....as the data base is in accesscopy the data from one table to another database and download the new databaseand then transfer the data from new database to ur local machine database ...i know this is not the professional solution... but for the time being.. i am using solutionthanks again
  6. I have to transfer data from one access database stored in web spaceto another access database store in local system
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