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  1. I have successfully install PWS but it seems to cant run asp file, what should I do?
  2. clar

    I cant run asp file

    Ok thanks for your help.
  3. clar

    I cant run asp file

    Actually I'm trying my first asp file, so it only contain very simple coding, so i don think is the code that cause the fault.By the way, this is my coding:<html><body> <% response.write("Hello World!")%> </body></html>Do u think is because there's a requirement to install any program or asp file cant run on windows 98?Thanks a lot for your help.
  4. clar

    I cant run asp file

    Yes, what u have say I doing according to it, but it still cannot work. I try save a jsp file, and type "http://localhost/test1.jsp", it is also able to display, just only asp cant work. Oh ya, I forget to say my OS is Windows 98, dont think can install IIS.Do I need to install any other thing before can run asp file, like jdk or need to set any classpath?
  5. clar

    I cant run asp file

    I have install Personal Web Server and have checked that it is running. I type "http://localhost/MyWeb/test1.asp", but it say "The page cannot be displayed", the title of the page is "HTTP 500 Internal server error".I have placed test1.asp file under wwwroot folder, so I cant think of it why it cannot work. But I try running html file, it can be displayed. Can anybody help me?
  6. Full name: ClarenceBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): Not going to say itGender: MaleZodiacal sign: Don quite believe in itCountry of residance:SingaporeInterest: Watch Hong Kong drama series, watch anime, play PS2.
  7. I have follow the instruction on the site http://www.w3schools.com/asp/asp_install.asp, but I cant find the Add-ons folder in my Windows98 CD, so is there any other way that i can install PWS on Windows 98 operating system?
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