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  1. http://www.seoconsultants.com/css/menus/horizontal/It has the desired effect. I believe it does use IE hacks, though. It's been awhile since I've actual looked at the code, so there may be more efficient/easier ways to do it.~Aphotic
  2. Aphotic

    CSS1 to CSS2

    I think you canwith java, but not with CSS. The scrollbar code you had above is a microsoft code, made for IE. FF doesn't support this, and niether do other non-IE/open source browsers. The code itself is not really CSS, although IE reads it.~Aphotic
  3. Aphotic

    page height 100%

    I read an article on Project VII on how to do this, with little or no hacks. If you want a really good and reliable code, check out their site. http://www.projectseven.com/
  4. Aphotic

    CSS1 to CSS2

    body {background-color: #000000;margin: 0px;}a {color: #E55E5N;}a:visited {color: #86B300;}a:hover {color: #E2FF8A;}a:active {color: #E55E5N;} First, you need either 3 or 6 hexadecimals numbers, so replace your colors or add the correct number in "N". Also, W3C suggests that whenever you present the attribute "color" or "background-color", that you would follow it with its pair, i.e.: body {background-color: #000000; color: #FFFFFF; margin: 0px;} or a:hover {color: #E2FF8A; background-color: #000000;} Finally, adjusting your scrollbar is not actually a universal CSS property, it's actuall
  5. Give us the HTML too, I can't answer your question until I can see it.
  6. Ok, for the first part I believe that W3 doesn't like changing scroll bars, and I'm not ven sure it they make them valid anymore. Does it work, though? If it doesn't work then there is a logical solution somewhere. The second problem is one that I've had before too. The solution I used was to use the background property in the definition of each part of the link properties, i.e.:a:active {color: #00FFFF;backgground-color:#000;}Try using "tansparent" to keep you bg image undisturbed.~Aphotic
  7. Aphotic

    Center This

    I would say use a centering method using containers, one for the top and one for the bottom. Do you want the style to be similar to the current one? Centering the whole page would make it easier, but it's up to you. There are ways of using fixed units, but that has better results with a fixed sized template, usually centered. But before I confuse you (or myself, for that matter) with babbling, I think the best answer is with the two containers.
  8. Aphotic

    a:hover help

    There are actual ways to get IE to understand hover effects in CSS, but it requires a tiny little hack. I think that there is another (recent) topic about it here that shows you exactly. As to the first question, another solution, which youmay not like sbrownii, as I really don't either, is to use an image. The things we have to do for stupid browsers....~Aphotic
  9. Aphotic

    Blog Project

    Im my experience (which is limited, granted), PHP would probably be the easiest and best for you to learn. But before this topic becomes totally off-topic, let me say that there will be plenty of HTML and CSS work with practically any code you use, so stop by then when you need help. I may add that you might want to travel to the PHP or any other Server Script parts of this forum, where there is an abundancy of info and people to help you.Peace,Aphotic
  10. Aphotic

    Slide Show

    Does it have to be a slideshow? Or is it just for a way to display pictures? There are some cool Pure CSS and HTML thumbnail-like code tht could be used...
  11. Aphotic

    Variables in CSS

    That's probably the best way for you to go, as it usually takes less code and therefore reduces file size.
  12. Aphotic

    Gradient color

    That's the way it looks. But maybe they'll decide gradient is good for design and through it in, in future releases, that is.
  13. Aphotic

    Gradient color

    I think that it may be a possibility. But like boen_robot said, not in CSS3. Maybe in CSS4, as long as we complain enough .
  14. Aphotic

    Gradient color

    You want a gradient border?
  15. Make sure that your background isn't covered. If you, for example, use a container to center you site, and in your container div, it is coded to have a solid bg color, i.e. black, then that will cover it. Understand?
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