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  1. Same thing happens. Thanks for the help. I'm just going to link thumbnails to the video file and let them open in the viewers default video player.
  2. I don't really do a whole lot in Flash at all, so please bear with me. I have this as my code: <object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase="http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=8,0,0,0" width="500" height="375" id="bubble-point" align="middle"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="sameDomain" /><param name="movie" value="flw/bubble-point/bubble-point.swf"" /><param name="AutoStart" value="0"><param name="play" value="false" /><param name="loop" value="false" /><param name="quality" valu
  3. Did some more digging and found this: <script type="text/javascript"> google.load("jquery", "1.4.0"); google.setOnLoadCallback(function() { $("div > div.thumbnail").click(function() { if($(this).next().is(':hidden')) { $(this).next().fadeIn("slow"); } else { $(this).next().fadeOut("slow"); } }); $("div > div.fullsize").click(function(){ $(this).fadeOut("slow"); }); }); </script> Works wonderfully. Hope this helps someone else.
  4. I'm using JavaScript and jQuery to display hidden images on my page. When you click on the thumbnail, the image appears at the top of the page. To close the image, you need to click on the thumbnail again. My problem is, depending on how far down the visitor has scrolled on the page, the full size image sometimes covers the thumbnail. If a visitor can't figure out how to scroll the page to get to the thumbnail again, they won't be able to close the full size image without refreshing the page. Can someone help me figure out a way make the full size image close when it's clicked on? Or eve
  5. I found this: if ((($_FILES["file"]["type"] == "image/gif")|| ($_FILES["file"]["type"] == "image/jpeg")|| ($_FILES["file"]["type"] == "image/pjpeg")) but what if I want to allow .pdf & .doc files. What would I put in place of the "image/ext". I'm guessing it's not "image/pdf".
  6. Thanks for the help guys. I took justsomeguy's suggestion and toyed around with the test_request.php and got this to work as well. if (empty($test)) { die ("You MUST select a test you want performed AND the number of those tests you want run. Please go back and try again."); } Thanks again for the help!
  7. One question - where do I put this part in the form? onsubmit='return validate_form(this)' Would it go in the code for the 'submit' button? Thanks again!
  8. Thanks for the help. I'll try it out and let you know how I make out with it.
  9. I have a test request form that is working fine. The problem comes when the customers do not select at least one test they want to have us run. I want to make it so selecting at least one of the fields is mandatory. Doesn't matter which one, just as long as one of them is selected so we can at least have an idea of what it is they want us to do.Here is the form:http://www.pmiapp.com/phpex/test_request_form.phpsAnd here is the script it is calling:http://www.pmiapp.com/phpex/test_request.phpsAny help would be much appreciated. I have an idea of what to do, but not with that many selection b
  10. BigAl75

    Php & Forms

    When people fill out information in the forms I have on my company's website and hit submit, the information is not being sent to our in-boxes like it should be. I'm confident that the php code I'm using is correct, but I was hoping someone here could look at it to make 100% certain it is before I get in another argument with our IT guy who claims it's my code that's the problem and not the mail server.Here's the code for the form: <form action="scripts/feedback.php" method="post" name="Feedback-Form" id="Feedback-Form"> <input type="hidden" name="formname" value="Feedback-For
  11. Success! Thanks for your help (and patience!!). I appreciate it.
  12. Here's the code I currently have for building the email. This code here only shows the LAST selected checkbox value. $mailto = 'MYEMAILADDRESS' ;// $subject - set to the Subject line of the email, eg//$subject = "Feedback Form" ;$subject = "PMI Product Support Form" ;$formurl = "PATHTOFORM" ;$errorurl = "error.html" ;$thankyouurl = "thankyou.html" ;$uself = 1;// -------------------- END OF CONFIGURABLE SECTION ---------------$headersep = (!isset( $uself ) || ($uself == 0)) ? "\r\n" : "\n" ;$title = $_POST['title'] ;$fname = $_POST['firstname'] ;$mname = $_POST['middlename'] ;$lname = $_POST[
  13. That code is to display it on the following page, isn't it? I need it send to my email, which is what the $messageproper is doing.I need to take a break from this for a bit. Thanks for your help. I'm sure I'll be back on it later.
  14. OK, I kind of have it working. I get everything sent to me, but when it comes to sending me the information from the array, I only get the first selection sent. (IE - if up, down, and through were selected, only up would be sent.)Here's what I have: .....$report = $_POST['version_report_number'];$comments = $_POST['comments'] ;$http_referrer = getenv( "HTTP_REFERER" );if(isset($_POST['samples'])) { $samples = $_POST['samples']; $n = count($samples); $i = 0; } and for displaying it in the email: "The samples tested are \r\n" . " $samples[$i]\n" . Those two give me only th
  15. OK, now I'm getting this error:Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or T_NUM_STRINGphp file code: $title = $_POST['title'] ;$fname = $_POST['firstname'] ;$mname = $_POST['middlename'] ;$lname = $_POST['lastname'] ;$company = $_POST['company'] ;$addyfirst = $_POST['address_first_line'];$addysecond = $_POST['address_second_line'];$city = $_POST['city'];$state = $_POST['state'];$zip = $_POST['zip'];$country = $_POST['country'];$phone = $_POST['phone'];$fax = $_POST['fax'];$email = $_POST['email'] ;$respond = $_POST['respond'];$instrume
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