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  1. hey.. this is what i want to do... i got 1 div, and 2 radio buttonsradio a will show the div while radio b will hide the div...does anyone know how to do this??can you pls give me a simple example... thx a bunch
  2. I managed to solve the problem already.thx a bunch guyz
  3. i tried the website method already...like what champion_munch said... it works....so is there anyway i can fix it?
  4. hmmm...but i do not want to point it to a webpage... i want to point it to a page that i created locally...any idea?
  5. ?this is how i want the website to work... i got 2 pages button A and B.. in page A there is a button linking to page B. i just want to direct the user from page A to page B.. without passing any values...both of the pages are in the same directory... so i was thinking of using the onclick button... for the button in page A
  6. Whats the difference between the button type "submit" and "button"?I can't seem to find the difference.......i got a very wierd problem... i tried this onclick="location.href='hello.jsp'"/> it works when I created a dummy script for it, but when i ported the command to my scripts... it doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?
  7. hey..i tried it already...but it doesn't seem to be working... i don't know why......any idea??must you add it into a form???anywayz.. i try adding it into a form.. but it still doesn't work...i am using a submit button.. is that right? there are several different meanings for buttons?can anyone pass me a full sample code?thx...
  8. hey guyz.i want to use onclick for a submit button. whats the code for it?i tried onclick="location.herf('hello.jsp')"but it doesn't work... it sends me to a blank page
  9. This is the menu bar to preview the frame<html><head> <title>Coolmenus example - CoolMenus4 DHTML script made by Thomas Brattli from DHTMLCentral.com. Visit for more great scripts.</title><!-- Using a linked stylesheet --><link rel="STYLESHEET" type="text/css" href="dhtmlcentral.css"><script language="JavaScript1.2" src="coolmenus4.js">/*****************************************************************************Copyright © 2001 Thomas Brattli (webmaster@dhtmlcentral.com)DHTML coolMenus - Get it at coolmenus.dhtmlcentral.comVersion 4.0_betaThis script
  10. hey...i used this js script for cool menus... i inserted all the files into 1 directory... but i can't seem to open the page......this is the js file that i am usingoM=new makeCM("oM"); oM.resizeCheck=1; oM.rows=1; oM.onlineRoot=""; oM.pxBetween =0; oM.fillImg="cm_fill.gif"; oM.fromTop=115; oM.fromLeft=155; oM.wait=300; oM.zIndex=400;oM.useBar=1; oM.barWidth="100%"; oM.barHeight="menu"; oM.barX=0;oM.barY="menu"; oM.barClass="clBar";oM.barBorderX=0; oM.barBorderY=0;oM.level[0]=new cm_makeLevel(90,21,"clT","clTover",1,1,"clB",0,"bottom",0,0,0,0,0);oM.level[1]=new cm_makeLevel(102,22,"clS","clSo
  11. Hey guyz,Is there anyway that i can use check the current directory i am in using javascript?thx in advance
  12. Hey guyz,I would like to ask, how can you change the values for a textbox using hardcoding?something like ( document.text.value = ??)i used the code above but i am not able to get anything...pls help.thx in advance:)
  13. Hey,This is the current code that I am using for my frames.<table border=0 cellpadding='1' cellspacing=1><tr><td width='16'><img src='text.gif' width='16' height='16' hspace='0' vspace='0' border='0'></td><td><a href="Utilities\User.htm" target="master">User Maintenance</a></td></tr></table>My webpage is splitted into left and right sections, left for frame and right for contents.I got 2 examples, A is a demo and B is my project. I copied this string of code into A and the codes are working fine. When I copied it to B, instead o
  14. haha... I came here to ask for help and i got banged in the process... =.="I can't find the information in w3schools thats why I am posting it here. So does anyone know how to set the header and footer using HTML?Thanks in advance.
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