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  1. Thanks for the help and info!
  2. Helloooo... I am trying to get a link to open on click in an iframe but I keep getting errors. <iframe src="read.asp" name="read" hieght="300" width="500">Response.Write ("<a href=""read.asp?ID=" & rsGuestbook("ID") & "target=""read"">") I am using the above code and when I run my page the iframe has already appeared and the page has errored. Please help!
  3. Yes it is now working! Here is the code if any one is intrested I have one more question. I have created a html form to add records to the access DB and have moved the asp code in to a new file called diplay.asp. one, is this a good idea and two how can I call the file from the html page so the table is displayed?
  4. OK, so I put the 3 tables in separate vars like above and then use SQL a join query? Thanks for the help. I will try to get this working!
  5. Hi all, Sorry tried to attach but the upload failed. Anyway I have the above code to connect to my Access database. Now my database has 3 tables: People, Address and Contact. Currently the only way I know to display all three tables is to have 3 vars, loops etc. I was wandering if there was a better way to display all 3 Access tables? PS, all 3 tables have an ID field which I only want to display once (ID is primary key in people and a foreign key in the other two). Any help would be much appreciated
  6. {A_K_A}


    Thanks again Deirdre's DadI got it to work.#intro,.push{ margin-top: 30em;}just needed a ,Thanks again
  7. {A_K_A}


    Sorry i was not to clear.I have a div called intro which holds a block of text.now what i want to do is push this block down the page a little. Thanks Deirdre's Dad got the image bit working fine now.
  8. {A_K_A}


    Hi,I am not sure if this is possible in css but ill ask anyway.I want to push some text done the page a little and any text udder it should also get pushed down.My other question is, I have an image and i want it on the right side of my page relative to where it is in is in the HTML doc. i also dont want it to cover any text. the text should appear below it.Thanks for any help
  9. {A_K_A}


    Hi,sorry I was a bit vague. while ($row = mysql_fetch_array ($result)) { $quesR1 = $row ['title']; $quesID = $row ['id']; print "<form action = 'Wines.php' method ='get' href= Region.php?id= '$quesID['id']'>"; // Print out buttons with the names provided me the sql db print '<input type="submit" class="groovybutton" onMouseOver="goLite(this.form.name,this.name)" onMouseOut="goDim(this.form.name,this.name)" value ='. "$quesR1" .'>' .'<br>'; print "</from>" }this is what I have so far. I want to se
  10. {A_K_A}


    Hi guys,I have a text box which I want the user to enter his/her age, is their a way that I could force them to only input Ints (hole numbers).Also I have used the £ sine a number times now in my code and it displays as a funny question mark how do i get the pound sine to appear.Thanks again
  11. {A_K_A}


    Hi,I have a button that I want it to display results from a SQL DB when clicked. So when the button is clicked i want it to give my other code a value that it will use to get the appropriate data back.My problem is that I have no idea how to get the button to pass this var to my other code when and only when clicked. Thanks in advance for your help I have spent a long time thinking about this and the only sensible way seems to be to use onClick but no matter whatI try it give me an error Thanks
  12. {A_K_A}


    Hi,I have an image the I want to appear at the bottom of each page.I am using the following code: height: 100px; /* height of the replacement image */ background-image: url("FooterF.jpg"); background-repeat: repeat; display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; width: 63%; position: absolute; bottom: 0; The image is at the bottom but it refuses to center, i usaly use: margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;To center my other images but this does not seem to work in this case, any ideas why?Thanks
  13. {A_K_A}

    Help With Images

    Hi,Thanks for you help, I am using a back ground image, here is my code: height: 185px; /* height of the replacement image */ background-image: url("HeaderH.jpg"); background-repeat: repeat ;Am I correct in thinking there is no way to re-size the image depending on user res?Thanks again.
  14. {A_K_A}

    Help With Images

    Hi,I have an image as my header. I would like to get it to shrink and grow with the screen (because people will be viewing might sight at different res's).At the moment the end of image gets cut off.Thanks in advance {A_K_A}
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