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  1. I host websites :)you would have to email me a website name and password because my register magicly failed... I have been told by 4 PHP Pros(1 yr. 3 yr. 5+ yr. and an unknown) it's perfect yet it doesn't work on there servers...My FM works edit, upload, delete, create file/folder...The DCole Serveryou get a website like http://dcole.ath.cx/SITE but there is a topic on my forum so you can have http://SITE.ENDING with a list of endings you can have (the list is long)also... NO ads, no spamming... with PHP, Perl... (almost ASP and almost MySQL)____________________________________________________________________as for you problem... maybe put a table in a table... I would have to see the code, what is an image and what isn't?
  2. My friend was just asking about his... I can gety a copy from him laterWell you really need 2 pagessetting.php & setc.phpto change the style sheet people will go to settings.php... check the one they want then click SAVE.save will send them to setc.php with the value for the cookie. setc.php will hen set a cookie telling the pages to use what style sheet.Then when they go to your site, every page will look for the cookie, then look at the value. then set the style sheet.______________________________________________________________________setting.php:<form action="setc.php" method="post"><div align="left"><input type="radio" name="style" value="style.css" checked> Defult style setting<br></div><div align="left"><input type="radio" name="style" value="style2.css">Style 2<br></div><div align="left"><input type="radio" name="style" value="style3.css">Style 3<br></div><div align="center"><input type="submit" value="submit"></form>setc.php<?php$style = $_POST['style'];if($style != ""){ setcookie( "sitestyle", "$style", time()+31536000, "/" );} else{ setcookie( "sitestyle", "", time()+31536000, "/" );}echo("<script>location = '/index.php';</script>");?>ALL PAGES<?php $style = $_COOKIE['sfb'];if(!$_COOKIE['sitestyle']) { echo "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='/style.css' />"; } else { echo "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='/$style' />"; } ?>(this may have bugs in it but you get the main idea)
  3. if someone can please helpThanks you
  4. I have to go with .php it is short
  5. I'm currently trying to make a message board. The MB is saved to mb.txt but the info on not getting there... Can someone help me debug it?Download MB ZIPThe view and sign are on MB.phpWhen you click sign it goes to sign.php and that should write the data to mb.txtThanks!
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