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  1. I'm perfectly aware of the things you say about SQL. However, the tutorial present on SQL does not discuss any of the matters I've listed in my 1st post. In my opinion there is no need to know SQL if you don't know why you use it. If you want to learn databases you don't start with SQL. If you do that you start with the technical aspect and skip the basic knowledge that should be present first.When you know why you need a database, how to design it, and when it's normalized, then you can start putting your SQL into action.Putting the requested tutorial next to the SQL-tutorial seems like a goo
  2. Hello,W3Schools is great! I know you have a tutorial about SQL, but before you can use SQL you need a database. Databases are often the backend of web sites.I'd really like to see a tutorial about creating/designing databases. It would be nice if the tutorial would discuss the following matters (and more):Flat files vs multi-tablesWhat to concider when designing a database (for instance if you want to extend your database)Keys, indexes, relations, constrainsts, data types ++Unfortunately I don't not have the skills to write it myself, but I could need it :-)Would be great if you could find the
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