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  1. Can you tell me the differences between these:object, object classprimitive type, reference typestack, heapThanx!
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    Oh and it's always after the </html> tag
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    I have zone alarm, and on every webpage, when I view the source, it says<script language='javascript'>postamble();</script>
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    Ne1 know what this is? <script type="text/javascript">postamble();</script> I see it on like every page and I googled it but still coulnd't figure it out!
  5. I'm 15 and know xhtml, css, javascript, and DOM, and I'm learning PHP.I'm not even close to xenon, but I'm gonna start to do aggressive learning, competition time!
  6. I was looking through my high school regristration booklet and it had special college programs. There was a list of entry-level career options and learning them. Web Designer was under it! Is web design/ development generally considered an entry-level job?
  7. What does with (field) do here?
  8. Take a look at the codes in Dynamic Drive.
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    Hide advertise

    Also, if you hide the ads, I'd bet that they would charge you for the paid hosting, even though it's free because the ads make them money.
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    Amazing sites

    But look how fast the internet is growing-- I think it will happen soon. Yeah but there isn't much of the actual writing the code.
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    Amazing sites

    Oh no!!!!!!!!! Does this mean that making HTML documents will be obsolete?! If flash is the future of web development, then there is no way I will be able to make websites for money unless I learn flash! Its not that I don't want to learn flash, but writing the actual code is funner.Flash doesn't have to be flashy if you design it right.Can search engines search for flash sites?
  12. you can do thish1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, td, div, span, etc. etc.{color:#xxxxxx}
  13. that works, but the center tag is depreciated, so I would use stylesxxxxxx{text-align: center}xxxxxx is what the text is in
  14. newbman

    Apache Server

    I am a total newbie at this so here are a few questions:How do I get a static IP address?I have DSL, is that good enough?How do I set up my router ports?What are the security risks?Where is the cheapest place to get a domain name?Once again what are the security risks! If my ISP doesn't let me do it, shouldn't it be risky?
  15. P.S. you are a javascript genius!Also I changed the interval to 10 and instead of subtracting 10*num it subtracts 2*num so it flows more smoothly
  16. Lol doesn't Google have thousands of programmers? Can't any of them do web development? Lol they all work on the search engine I guess.
  17. Yikes!!You think 50 is a lot of errors?Look at Google newsValidate it and get...1263 errors!!
  18. newbman

    Apache Server

    I downloaded Apache Server 2.055 so I can view php without getting my website hosted, so doesn't that mean I can convert my PC into a server that can host websites? Anyone know how?
  19. newbman


    There are still html 4.01 transitional tags, and they aren't even allowed. You should try making your html document one instead of many.Also, the meta tags don't have />
  20. Well... from my experience it's hard to layout everything with CSS to make it work in Internet Explorer. It's often necessary to use tables, and if it works well and is convenient why not?
  21. Full name: StevenAlternative name(s): newbman, been called steve, stevo, stevie, esteban, alfredo, and several versions of my last name.Birth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 26/02/1989Gender: MaleZodiacal sign: DunnoCountry of residance: U.S.A.City of residance: MahtomediHeight: 5'5''Weight: 100 lbs.Eyes: dark brownHair: blackSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: no way/ not much/ nothing illegalFavourite Music: rock, punk rockFavourite Movies: can't decideInterest: Web development, school, skiing, tennis, soccer, no time for nething elsePets: not ne moreAdditional comments: NA
  22. Interesting, the votes are really spread out. Please vote!
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    Sorry, this topic is totally out of date, but I can't help but make a reply.I have a web design class in my school. I kinda wanted to take it just for the Macromedia flash and fireworks experience, but I took a peek at their folders and saw the WORST images and web pages I have ever seen before. I think I'm gonna minor in web development and design in college. Here in Minnesota we have a law that says that each school district has to provide the PSEO program. It means that the school must pay for my college if I'm capable of doing it my junior and senior year. Imagine that... minoring in web development for free...Otto- dammit I hate it when anyone --especially teachers-- wont let you advance beyond everyone else if you're capable.(The No Child Left Behind Act is really the everyone gets held back act)As for the first web page I've ever made, LOL! I went to dynamicdrive.com, flamingtext, and a load of other websites that made bright, flashy things, and I stuffed them on my web page. I used lime green text in a black background-- it burned my eyes out.
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