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  1. Looks pretty good. My only recommendation is change the header and footer's color to blue or black.
  2. Anman

    Portfolio Site

    Couldn't you use both meta and send headers?Also is it just me or do you flip through 2 designs?
  3. Anman

    Portfolio Site

    Too many images, takes too long to load.The top doesn't look that greatNo character encoding specified in the <head> section.Also are you a furry?
  4. It may be worthy of note that in Firefox XHTML is not parsed unless the extension is .xhtml
  5. Anman

    Gfx Zone

    I'd like critique on my site GFX Zone.The theme was coded and designed by me, but based on the default MyBB theme.
  6. <center> has been deprecated. Don't use it.By the way, why do you need Java?
  7. Anman

    Website Layout

    I would do that, but it's too much work.Much easier to convert \nl to <br> then add <p>'s everywhere.
  8. Anman


    I would say checking in the browser (client-side) is a bad idea, because the users could find the answers by looking at the source code, and even if you put the source code in an external script people will stay be able to track back to the script.And if you want to actually collect the results I'd seriously recommend PHP and Postgre SQL (or mySQL if you must...) since doing that in JavaScript is rather a pain.
  9. Anman

    Website Layout

    Anmans Place is just a site I put all my WIP layouts.The actual business is called radtdesigns.Thanks people for the critique.
  10. Anman

    Website Layout

    http://anmansplace.co.cc/index.phpWorking on a website layout for a small business.I could use some critique, and please don't say "It's too pink! It's blind me! ARGGHHH"That will be fixed soon.
  11. Did you check your Yahoo! Mail spam folder?
  12. The entire page is a frame.Your page source code, whether you are aware or not is as follows: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd"><html><head> <title>GrabeOrama Games </title> <META name="description" content="GrabeOrama Games, cork, ireland."><META name="keywords" content="games gamemaker maker goecities grabeorama ireland cork"></head><frameset rows="100%,*" border="0"> <frame src="http://karlgrabe.com/grabeorama/" frameborder="0" /> <frame frameborder="0" noresize /></frameset><!-- pageok --><!-- 05 --><!-- 7.9--></html> You cannot change this, as it is due to your host.However, if you set the links attribute target to "_blank" then they will open on a new page correctly.Or you could simply use http://karlgrabe.com/grabeorama/
  13. I am not an admin, but you could use this.
  14. I would learn languages in this order if I went back and learned everything again:HTML - CSS - JavaScript or VBScript(I recommend JavaScript) - XML(optional) - XHTML (optional) - PHP
  15. You can easily upload files in PHP only..
  16. Anman

    Php Mail Function

    You're missing ending quote marks as the above person stated, and you're missing semi-colons.
  17. Anman


    Funny, I misread his post and you misread mine. >_>
  18. The problem is nl2br() returns pure HTML, so you must be careful in which order you transform the string.That's why I tell people to use str_replace(), but hey, if you're not getting errors and have no problem concering limits use nl2br() by all means.Oh and if you're using an HTML file as opposed to an XHTML file use nl2br($string, false); for the sake of file space.
  19. Anman


    What's server scripting? Using SSH?EDIT: misread Synook's post.
  20. Anman

    Custom Css

    Save the users options in a database, I would use PostgreSQL (since mySQL has gone so badly downhill since Sun has taken it over).Then use PHP in the CSS like so: #element1{color: <?php//Connect to database//Get the user's desired colorecho $usercolor;//Close connection?>;}
  21. Notice how it wasn't onclick="java script:doSomething" but href="java script:doSomething" :)Your likely problem is that you did href="java script:doSomething" with a space, with a space java script:doSomething won't work in Firefox, Chrome, and possibly other browsers that I don't care to test.
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