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  1. Hi everyone,I want to add an image next to the link when i will mouse over particular link.I tried it to search on google.But i don't know javascript very well so, i can't modify any code.So, can anyone help me for the same ?Thanks in Advance ..............
  2. Hello everyone - I want to take backup of my database using cron. I found following php script with the help of google.<?php/*Quickly and easily backup your MySQL database and have the tgz emailed to you. You need PEAR installed with the Mail and Mail_Mime packages installed. Read more about PEAR here: http://pear.php.net. This will work in any *nix enviornment. Make sure you have write access to your /tmp directory.*/// mysql & minor details..$tmpDir = "/tmp/";$user = "root";$password = "pass";$dbName = "db";$prefix = "db_";$sqlFile = $tmpDir.$prefix.date('Y_m_d').".sql";$creatBackup
  3. Okie. fine. I will try to solve it from that.Thank you very much for helping me.Thanks again
  4. Thanks a lot.I have got it from the above url as you mentioned.Once again. Thank you very much
  5. If I remove opacity rule, then there is no change with the problem.One another problem that I have facing now is that the first level menu is working perfect in all browser.But second level menu (Sub Menu) is not working in IE. Although in Mozila Firefox it is working perfect.
  6. I have created a multi-level CSS dropdown menu. When a user hovers over the main link, a drop down menu appears, and some of the links on the dropdown menu create a horizontal flyout menu. There is a 90% opacity applied to the entire menu. This is what the opacity css looks like:.internalNav ul li ul { display:inline; height:100%; position:absolute; float:left; opacity:.90; filter:alpha(opacity=90);}The problem is when "filter:alpha(opacity=90);" is applied, the second level flyout menus disappear. Removing "filter:alpha(opacity=90);" will result in the flyout men
  7. Hi All,Can anybody tell me that I am trying transparent PNG format image in IE6, but it shows me white background image.Although it's working perfect in Mozila Firefox.If you have solution, then please help me.Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, AllCan anyone help me by providing PHP code that i can get country flag from the country code.Actually currently, I use a script in which i am getting country code using IP Address.But now i want to improve my script by displaying country flag also.I think we can get country flag from the country code.But i don't know how to do the same...?Please help me...Thanks in advance...
  9. Okie..Thanks guys...but can you send me link for any good javascript encryptor.And can also describe that how can i use that...?
  10. if you want to validate email id using javascript, use following function.It's working perfect.function validateEmail(email_id){ var emailId=email_id; var filter=/^([\w-]+(?:\.[\w-]+)*)@((?:[\w-]+\.)*\w[\w-]{0,66})\.([a-z]{2,6}(?:\.[a-z]{2})?)$/i if (!filter.test(emailId)) { return false; else return true;}
  11. I think phpmailer class is better option than mail().Because there may be some problems with mail(). phpmailer is the best way to send mail using php script.you can download phpmailer class and use that with using the help file with that.If you use phpmailer, then you will never face spamming problem that is not sure in the case of mail().So, if you want to make your contact us form in a perfect way, then phpmailer is the best option for you.
  12. deepshah


    Start your code with the first line after opening tag of php "session_start()".Like following code :<?phpsession_start();....................................................................................?>Don't leave space between opening php tag and session_start().If you redirect your flow of execution from the current page, then you have to take care about header().I think it may be problem with you.
  13. For security reason, I want my js and css file can not be shown to anyone or is it possible to encrypt my js and css file using php?Is it possible with php ?If anyone has solution, please help me.Thanks in advance.....
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