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  1. HiI would like to check for Null value to execute a set of codes. But for some reason the Null check is not working.Here is my code. <xsl:if test="$tmpMRIN=''"> MRIN: <xsl:value-of select="$tmpMRIN"/></xsl:if>The variable $tmpMRIN was declared and there was no issue there. But when I do (Not Equal to) it works. <xsl:if test="$tmpMRIN!=''"> MRIN: <xsl:value-of select="$tmpMRIN"/></xsl:if>Don't know what the error is.ThanksKrishnan.
  2. HiI have this requirement - 2 Files, Both should be linked and I should create a Text file as stated belowFirst XML file<HEAD1> <INFORM Number="46" Name="TARAN" Age="46" /> <INFORM Number="1339" Name="Bob" Age="44" /> <INFORM Number="887" Name="Debra" Age="35" /></HEAD1>Second XML file<STAND1> <ACTIVITY Number="46" Name="Gymnastics"> <SUBACT> Bar </SUBACT> <SUBACT> Pole </SUBACT> <SUBACT>Ring </SUBACT> </ACTIVITY> <ACTIVITY Number="57" Name="Swimming"
  3. I searched for an answer in Oxygen web site. It instructs me to increase the Xmx variable value for the operating system. Now, I am using Windows XP operating system. I don't know where to find the Xmx variable to change it. Because, all I have in my desktop is an icon that I click to have the editor pop up. I don't know what is running behind the scene. Is there anybody to educate me.? Please let me know the steps where I can increate the size of the Xmx variable.ThanksKrishnan.
  4. Hi I am currently using Oxygen 9.3 editor to create my XSLT code. I am coding XSLT to convert XML to Text. I have few issues with it(1) with XML file as big as 150 MB, Oxygen editor hangs. I read it somewhere that it can be overrided in Oxygen but didn't bother to note it down then. Please let me know how to resolve it. Also, by the by is there a limitation in size of files that can be used in Oxygen 9.3. If so, what is the maximum?(2) Is there a way to execute and XSLT code from a command prompt / command. Currently I am using oxygen editors "execute" button to get my conversion from
  5. I could locate it by breaking it and adding one at a time. There was a typo. Thanks.
  6. Hi I am trying to Apply-Template based on certain conditons. But when I put in a condition (Checking for 13 fields if all of them are having NULL values) I am receiving an error message <xsl:if test="CartoonData/@PathNumEXT!='' or RecsResolved/ResolvedRec/@RecNumEXT!='' or CartoonFindings/CartoonFinding/PathCode/@Code!='' or CartoonFindings/CartoonFinding/@LesionClassification!='' or CartoonFindings/CartoonFinding/@FindingSize1!='' or CartoonFindings/CartoonFinding/@side!='' or CartoonFindings/CartoonFinding/@HistologyGrade!='' or CartoonFindings/CartoonFinding/@MarginStatus!=''
  7. Fixed it. The error was because of the name in the passing and receiving argument. I changed it to be the same and it worked.Thanks for your help.
  8. No, it didn't work either. My XML code is <AnnimateConversion Catch-up="N"> <Cartoonist> <Cartoon> <Cartoon Data Organization="IH" MRN="01-01-79" DeptNum="" CARNumEXT="5" CARDate="10/03/2002" EnteredBy="ZZ0006" Procedure="" Technique="" BelongClassification="BENIGN" OutsideInstitution="" OutsideDesignID="" Side="L"/> <CartoonComments> <CartoonComment Comment="MASS DISAPPEARED ^ WHEN ~ PUNCTURED | BY NEEDLE."/> </CartoonComments> </Cartoon> </C
  9. Hi Forgive me, if I am posting too many questions. I don't know anyting about XSLT and I am asked to do certain task. Thanks for your help in advance.I am trying to pass parameter from within an XSLT code to a function within it. I could see the value of @Comment in the "AAA" line. <xsl:template match="CartoonComment"> <xsl:for-each select="."> <xsl:variable name="wrkComment"> <--------------------------(AAA)------------------------------------> <xsl:call-template name="MODIFYVALUE"> <xsl:with-param name="text" select
  10. I am sorry. I tried using the function written in one of the forum and could get a character replace (even if it is multiple occurance). Now I have a new issue. I tried changing "&amps;" to another set of character '/T/'. I am getting an error message "The entity "amps" was referenced, but not declared. Anybody know why I am getting this error message and how to resolve it. I am trying to convert from XML to plain Text formatThanksKrishnan
  11. HiI have a requirement. I have a very big XML file. Some elements have attributes containg '&' character. I am given a task of reading the attribute (along with '&' character) and convert & to another character. I am currently working in 1.0 of XSLT. Can I get any help.Thanks much in advance.Krishnan.
  12. HiI have an XML file with an element at 3rd level having an attribute (a string of text). The text has multiple occurance of a special character & and I would like to replace all & with \T\. I am working in 1.0 version of XSLT. Can anyone please tell me if there is a function similar to replace in 1.0. If not, can you tell me how to do the replace by a sample example. I am trying to convert the string to a plain text file.ThanksKrishnan.
  13. Can you please tell me how to do that in the above example. I am unable to embed xsl:choose code in my logic. Thanks for your help.
  14. I need some help. I have an XML file <Cartoons> <Cartoon Type=”L” Size=”Big” Volume=”43”/> <Cartoon Type=”U” Size=”Large” Volume=”12298”/> <Cartoon Type=”S” Size=”Medium” Volume=”4”/></Cartoons>I need to create a text file from the above based on the “Type” value . The out put file should beIf Type is L then REE|Big|||||||||| (or)If Type is U ThenREE||Large||||||||| (or)If Type is S ThenREE|||Medium||||||||I cannot have 3 if statements, due to other functionality in my code. I tried the below but it is not working. Please help.REE |<xsl:value-of select="i
  15. Great. That works closer to my need. But I still need to remove those spaces. This is what I am getting when I did both the options individually. I still get one line space. I don't need any line space.RLO|^~\&||||||||7|PPBB|||01-01-79Z2R||||XNE||MASS DISAPPEARED WHEN PUNCTURED BY NEEDLE.|RLO|^~\&||||||||7|PPBB||98-98-98Z2R||||RLO|^~\&||||||||7|PPBB|||65-43-21Z2R||||RLO|^~\&||||||||7|PPBB|||34-34-34Z2R||||RLO|^~\&||||||||7|PPBB|||34-34-34Z2R||||
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