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    Html, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP, Sql

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    In life you are never a master. So , i'm always interested in learning.

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  1. Hey just follow the advice of Ingolme the first reply. Learn html and css very well they are the bed rock of every site and the begining of web developing. You say you dont know html. Then you come back later to say you've learn it. You learn html and css in 1 day? If you want to learn sit down learn and practicalize it. Dont just read through like you're reading a novel. Otherwise go pay a developer.
  2. Hey ragae, you give me headache with all these code. I wonder where you learn it.
  3. what type of button are you talking about?
  4. what type of button are you talking about?
  5. thegolden1

    Help Me Out

    I have just complete my first web site. Which is <a href= http://www.allnaijajobs.co.cc> www.allnaijajobs.co.cc </a> i will really appriciate it if you guys can help check it out and point out any mistake i made or you can just correct me on what you think is not right. Thanks
  6. Does anyone know how to add a hidden counter to a website, just to monitor the traffic on the site. I have check w3schools but didnt know where to look(html, php, asp, javascript...)
  7. Name: Ismaeelw3school has help me alot. Firstly, all i know of was wysiwyg, then little html but ever since i discover w3school i've been going from strenght to strenght with the tutorial and some other materials. I appriciate all what you guys are doing. I'm here to learn and provide assistance toward the greater development of this site and forum. Thanks
  8. Visit www.clickherefree.com for list of free hosts. Its a directory of web hosting sites
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