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  1. Of all windows users, I have less than 3% of users on a version that does not support IE8, yet more than 80% of IE users (virtually all on windows) have not upgraded to IE8 yet.I'm ready to ignore 3% of the windows users (2% of all visitors) not to have to deal with ie6 and IE7.I can't however ignore 80% of IE users (54% of all visitors) ...So if those who can would upgrade ...
  2. Mourad

    Php Testing?

    You can install local server on your computer to test webpages made of PHP & MY SQL.In order to install local server, you need to download and install Easy PHP software(www.easyphp.org) which contains PHP, APACHE server and My SQL. With the help Easy PHP, you can locally test your pages.
  3. Mourad

    Php Books

    There's 2 excellent books, been recommended."PHP and MYSQL for dummies, version 2" and "sams teach yourself php in 24 hours"
  4. Yeah there's a lot of a good resources like:webproject.scottgu.comdotnet-guide.comquickstarts.asp.net/QuickStartv20/default.aspxdreamdotnet.blogspot.com
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