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  1. You're welcome.I guess you could call it spam, but considering there isn't really anything going on in this forum I figured the information might actually be helpful to someone. I mean, here's information about a new way to program a website in BASIC. So I would say it's almost not spam. :)If the moderator doesn't like the post then there's no harm removing it. -Carl
  2. I think it's worth mentioning Run BASIC here simply because the forum is so quiet. It isn't really a CGI programming system, but it is a version of BASIC especially for server side web programming. It is designed to be easy to learn (and fun) and I think it is an appropriate subject matter for an educational forum like this one.I would leave a link here but I'm under the impression that would be against the rules here. Just google it if you're curious. :-)Thanks,-Carl Gundelauthor of Run BASIC
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