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  1. If your host supports it I would suggestion using zlib.output compression as well as the flush() method if($_GET['mode'] == 'export' && $_GET['dl'] == '1') {if(ini_get('zlib.output_compression')) ini_set('zlib.output_compression', 'Off');$044467d6c7609f0c48bbfa6b4e6a1202 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM files WHERE token = '".$10bbf6d474e63a7580069a78e2690fe9."'");$cf_rows = mysql_fetch_array($044467d6c7609f0c48bbfa6b4e6a1202);$128263007e9a21197bc41887abdaeb97 = $cf_rows['file'];$size = $cf_rows['size'];$name = $cf_rows['name'];$type = $cf_rows['type'];$oath = $cf_rows['aoth_tkn'];if($0b77a7157d890651d8be9867aff97a52 != 09bfa665212399c841c8e844dc29a4e6($0b06d2f4f9f2c06c1dc3255b9ea877d2])) { exit();} else {header("Pragma: public"); // requiredheader("Expires: 0");header("Cache-Control: must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0");header("Cache-Control: private",false); // required for certain browsersheader("Content-Type: ".$type."");header("Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary"); header("Content-Disposition:attachment;filename=".$name."");header("Content-Length: ".$size);ob_clean(); flush();$fp = fopen($128263007e9a21197bc41887abdaeb97, "r"); while (!feof($fp)){ echo fread($fp, 65536); flush(); // this is essential for large downloads} fclose($fp);#readfile("".$128263007e9a21197bc41887abdaeb97."");}}} The attachment location will not be shown and not only that but my attachments are hashed via md5 and then uploaded to web server however during downloading you get original file name with fake path ^^
  2. Hello, I am making my own search engine dedicated to anime, manga and other stuff here is my questionLets say you are looking for neon genesis evangelion, my engine found it and spited back bunch of pages but instead of having not only neon genesis evangelion anime you also have manga, games, and discussions/news but you dont want this you only want the animeso you type in: neon genesis evangelion :anime or say you want manga you would add :mangaso how can I add query functions via use of ':'?:anime <-- searches for anime only:manga <-- same as above but manga only:date+ <-- orders info by latest:date- <-- orders info by oldest:safe <-- safe searches removing R18 contentand ectI am trying to implement similar idea as is used with sla###### search engine using '/'
  3. Yes, but I am not sure how to add the part to input the stuff into the textarea
  4. Hey. Ok I am need a bit of help. I am currently using TinyMCE. However I want to make my own basic editor. It doesn't have to update the contence inside of it; ex if you insert the picture the picture is show. I dont need this.What I need is say you click Image icon it uses javascript input to open a alert window, asking for the image url and after you click OK, it adds the image into the texteare as such [*img]....[*/img][*video]......[*/video][color=#313131]....[*/color][*b]..[*/b][*i]..[*/i][*url=http://....]title[*/url]...[code]This is about itP.S. No * for some reason the thing are not displayed properly
  5. Hello here is my script which toggles a hidden class signin_bb to be displayed and in the same time changes signin css class to signin_o $(".signin").click(function() { $(this).toggleClass("signin_o"); $(".signin_dd").toggle(); }); The problem is that I want it when user click outs site of this menu that it vanishes, I tried jQuery's out of focus function, it worked but when u clicked on the signin_bb element which was changed from hidden to visible you would end up losing it and having to start over and even so you can never stay on it.So how would I could make it vanish if user mouse is no longer on it? And give it aroudn 1000 sec vanish point when mouse is moved away from it or no longer used.You can check my site http://otaku-plus.com/ and click sign in to see what I mean by this script and what it does, but as you will realise you will need to click Signin again to hide the thing which is not very good as its much easier to just move your mouse away from it or click on the page and have it vanish.So what can I do to achieve this?
  6. will this work?$("#search_web").click(function(){ $('#wrapper').load('index.php?o=web&type=search'); } else { $('#wrapper').load('index.php?o=search'); });
  7. ok using this style$("#search_web").click(function(){ $('#wrapper').load('index.php?o=web&type=search');});this will workwhat should i add to make else statement if nothing was clicked to load index.php?o=basic ?
  8. ok but how would i do the updating of the container part with the search and such?
  9. Hey JustsomeguyOk here is the site I am working on http://otaku-plus.com/as you can see in the top navigation there are bunch of links what I want to do is when user clisk images the link point to http://otaku-plus.com/#!/images but since this will be an ajax call via jQuery the search filed will say what images you would like to search for? and it will have dif character/color. So basically when that is clicked jQuery loads index.php?o=images when u click web it loads index.php?o=web
  10. Hello, I am wondering how would I be able to load different pages with use of #!/web or #!/images ect
  11. How would I be able to redirect IE users to not supported page. Every IE5,6,7 and lower.With use of either JS or PHP
  12. ColdEdge

    Flash Question

    Hello, I want to make a video portal. But instead of having it on a website I would use my Flash CS4 to publish the entire thing as an application (*.exe). My question is how would I be able to make flash pull .xml files from my website and have this xml files contain instructions like for specific video the specific file path would be pulled. Thanks in advance
  13. Hello, I have a question. I seen many Cloud Hosting sites use jQuery for there primary choice not only that I seen this kind of urlshttp://sitename.com/photo169#photo/165Can I aks how can I load a page or something using # command with jQuery?
  14. @ApocalypeXYep, the software originally ran on localhost server, so I never bout herd changing that. Not to mention the theme that the BBS uses was temporary so I am still not sure where to stick the direct link to user profile.
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