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  1. I already tried that, the code for th url isn't in the flash editor. I've tried to do everything from pulling off / before in the editor, to messing with document relative and site root settings.
  2. http://www.ironbrohood.com/index2.htmlthis is the redux version. telll me what you all think. ive modified the color scheme and the sizing, especially on broswer load up, so please. evaluate.unfortunately, i havebeen able to fix the links yet.
  3. http://www.ironbrohood.com/index2.htmlthis is the redux version. telll me what you all think.
  4. www.ironbrohood.comI made those links in dreamweaver with flash. I've tried just about everything to get them to not double past url but they continue to fail.What am I doing wrong...where is the coding kept for their 'redirection,' I've edited it a million times and still it won't work. Thanks.
  5. build html style horizontal table with rows.insert flash buttons in there, using a flash editor to put link destinations.i wouldn't mimic what i've done if i were you, as the links don't work, it seems to double paste the url.figure out another way
  6. I misspelled one damn word mick....and that was a typo, not a product of retardation.
  7. http://www.ironbrohood.com/
  8. I just built this site...I'm going to need alot of work, study and some help getting it to where I want it to be.But tell me what you think...why the ###### are my flash links failing anyways? I don't get where the first command to paste url comes from, within the tags themselves I even got rid of the early and just implanted a slash. Yet it still doesn't work.http://www.ironbrohood.com/
  9. I'm just thinking, if noone has a site on a domain, why can't I claim it and get a deed or something.How come no matter what the site is, I have to pay godaddy.com?WTF IS GODADDY.COM?It's not ICANN is it?Honestly, is this how it was always, and everywhere, it seems sooo....capitalist!?In China do you have to buy a Domain?Is there anyway I can just take domain?Please explain this whole nonsense to me...?
  10. Considering that I do this, moving Dreamweaver the first unit into third place, how would I then progress through to PHP, Ajax, Sql and so forth.Would you mind compressing that into a format similar to what I have posted, or describing it?
  11. My name is Luciano, and I want to become the best at Web Design & Development!
  12. I am extremely passionate about learning, and mastering Web design, and going on to become an intelligent and well-versed web developer.I have developed a syllabus for myself and it is attached; if someone who has traveled the full path would be kind enough to critique it and modify, I'd greatly appreciate it. I am going to complete this whole syllabus, and go on on to a more advanced version that allows me to progress into more complex interactive sites, that utilize php, sql, and flash media. I want to develop a syllabus, or rather a course of study, that will take someone from knowing nothi
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