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  1. Did you work this out for yourself or not? As if not I know how you can acheive this, should you still need to know how.
  2. Thanks for the feedback Synook. I've worked out a way of getting the code to work using the ASP print method, by splitting the code up. As I found using the full tag even when using the ASP print method, this still through up an error.To help anyone else who ever might need a simular fix this is the code i used for the work around.append21.inc1 <%2 Dim TelematchRecordsIn3 TelematchRecordsIn="%Telematch.RecordsIn%"4 %>56 <<%=TelematchRecordsIn%>> Line 2 declares a variableLine 3 assigns the valueLine 6 prints the value (note the addtional <> tags used to get the complet
  3. I'm currently developing an internal tool which will allow users to make HTML forms via a website I've created. I'm currently learning ASP so I'm constantly having to find out ways of achieving certain goals, to gain my desired outcome.I have got my website ASP form creator working like a dream, which I'm very proud of having made it by myself. However I have hit a problem, of which I've not been able to find a work around for.The html form(s) contain tags (<% %>), these are used by my companies processing system. They are used as tokens to add the statistics into the forms. This present
  4. I have asked this before but got no reply, so I'm going to try again and hopefully get at least a yes or no to whether or not it's possible. A bonus if any of the advanced CSS users can provide me with a solution.This is an example of a extract of my CSS/HTML code What I'm trying to achieve with CSS2 is printer instructions, thus instructing a printer how to treat tables. I understand how it works to a point and have been able to force page breaks on every table by using the following This instructs the printer to always place a table onto a new page, thus if you have 3 table then each one w
  5. I am trying to use CSS2 to instruct HTML how to print a html document of which contains tables. As it currently stands I have failed to keep the tables whole and it keeps breaking up the tables even though I have tried using However whenever this repeats the table in a HTML document, thus making more than 1 page for printing. It will just print and cut the table up where ever runs to then end of the page.It their a way to keep the tables whole? So that if any table exceeds thats page it will force the whole of the table to start on the next printable page?
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