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  1. Hi,I am creating a kind of rotation machine but I couldn't figure out how many rows I have in my table? Could someone please help?E.g:I want to know how many rows this table contains, calculated with a java script: <table id="table"><tr><td>1</td></tr><tr><td>2</td></tr><tr><td>3</td></tr><tr><td>4</td></tr></table> EDIT: already found the solution, for the people who are interested: document.getElementById('table').rows.length
  2. Hi,Today I was reading the tutorial on E4X (http://www.w3schools.com/e4x/tryit.asp?filename=note_parsertest_crossbrowser), but I saw this is the crossbrowser version of showing an XML document's node. So I clicked on Try It Yourself. But nothing showed up in Opera.Internet Explorer6.0 was ok, but Firefox and Opera complaint (my firefox theme looks exactly like IE's one, that's why I first said Firefox worked well too).Firefox and Opera just give me a blank screen.And I won't say Your Browser Cannot Handle this.BUT if you change "createDocument" to "open", internet explorer will still work fine
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