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    Fix ajax example

    Incrible ! May I suggets you drop w3 from your website name ??Not only you example fails in Opera, it fails in all browser that aren't IE nor Mozilla. That includes Safari.This, and the old svg+embed code really show that this website content needs some serious improvement.
  2. Hi, I've started browsing the SVG pages, and I found a very unaccurate information.http://www.w3schools.com/svg/svg_intro.asp Well... this isn't true. Currently Firefox only has partial support for SVG Full. Making such a claim will mistake users that will think they're doing wrong SVG, when they're actually trying to use something Firefox doesn't support.http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/SVG_in_Firefox_1.5I've read that the next major Gecko update is schedulled for beginnings of 2007 (I think), which probably will fill these gaps.It would be nice to emphasize that Opera 8.* has full support for SVG Tiny, and the upcoming Opera 9 has support for SVG Basic, in that very same page.I prefered Opera's approach of implementing SVG incrementaly, thus sparing the user of annoyances like mangling the specification and the browser documentation.edit: another thing I foundhttp://www.w3schools.com/svg/svg_inhtml.asp Where I come from, data is placed in document using the object element. I found it very bad, for a website that tries to advocate w3c recomendations to present something like this. Yes, I saw object afterwards.
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