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  1. My bad, I was using the web developer toolbar for firefox and resizing window to 800x600 when i should have just used the default display settings, because when i used the toolbar, it wasn't maximized so i lost some window space to the sides of the window,

  2. The point of this is to figure out how much is actually visible at certain resolutions,I want the site I'm designing to never have a horizontal scroll, and designing for 800x600, I figured a width of 780 would be adequate given there would be a vertical scroll bar. Only, when I checked recently, there was in fact a horizontal scroll.So, my question is, what is the given screen size of a 800x600 resolution (assuming there was a vertical scroll bar and the window was maximized), where I'm only concerned with the width?also, what would the width be of a 1024x768 screen (right now that would be my max-width property)?thanks,

  3. Yeah, sorry, wasn't really thinking there,HTML:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"><html><head><title>Cow Pictures (12)</title><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/resources/includes/css/style.css" ><LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="/resources/images/system/favicon.ico"><script language="JavaScript"type="text/javascript" src="/resources/includes/java/crumb.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3.2/jquery.min.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="/resources/includes/java/scrolltotop.js">/************************************************ Scroll To Top Control script- � Dynamic Drive DHTML code library (www.dynamicdrive.com)* This notice MUST stay intact for legal use* Visit Project Page at [url="http://www.dynamicdrive.com"]http://www.dynamicdrive.com[/url] for full source code***********************************************/</script><meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8"><meta http-equiv="expires" value="Thu, 16 Mar 2000 11:00:00 GMT"><meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache"><META HTTP-EQUIV="CACHE-CONTROL" CONTENT="NO-CACHE"></head><body><div class="main"><div class="header"><a name="top"> </a><a href="/index.php"><img class="banner" src="/resources/images/system/banner.jpg" alt="Ledge Rock Farm NY Inc. 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background-color: blue; width: auto; overflow:auto; text-align: center;"><div class="center">Cow Pictures<hr width="350" noshade></div><div style="margin: auto; width: auto; border: 2px solid white; overflow:auto; text-align: center; padding: 0px;">	<div class="gallery_sm">	  <a href="/gallery/farm/animals/cows/cow_001.php">	  <img src="/resources/images/farm/animals/cows/sm/cow_001.jpg" alt="Cows -  1 of 12" title="Cows -  1 of 12">	  </a>	  <div class="description_sm">Cow Picture</div>	</div>	<div class="gallery_sm">	  <a href="/gallery/farm/animals/cows/cow_002.php">	  <img src="/resources/images/farm/animals/cows/sm/cow_002.jpg" alt="Cows -  2 of 12" title="Cows -  2 of 12">	  </a>	  <div class="description_sm">Cow Picture</div>	</div>	<div class="gallery_sm">	  <a href="/gallery/farm/animals/cows/cow_003.php">	  <img src="/resources/images/farm/animals/cows/sm/cow_003.jpg" alt="Cows -  3 of 12" title="Cows -  3 of 12">	  </a>	  <div class="description_sm">Cow Picture</div>	</div>	<div class="gallery_sm">	  <a href="/gallery/farm/animals/cows/cow_004.php">	  <img src="/resources/images/farm/animals/cows/sm/cow_004.jpg" alt="Cows -  4 of 12" title="Cows -  4 of 12">	  </a>	  <div class="description_sm">Cow Picture</div>	</div>	<div class="gallery_sm">	  <a href="/gallery/farm/animals/cows/cow_005.php">	  <img src="/resources/images/farm/animals/cows/sm/cow_005.jpg" alt="Cows -  5 of 12" title="Cows -  5 of 12">	  </a>	  <div class="description_sm">Cow Picture</div>	</div>	<div class="gallery_sm">	  <a href="/gallery/farm/animals/cows/cow_006.php">	  <img src="/resources/images/farm/animals/cows/sm/cow_006.jpg" alt="Cows -  6 of 12" title="Cows -  6 of 12">	  </a>	  <div class="description_sm">Cow Picture</div>	</div>	<div class="gallery_sm">	  <a href="/gallery/farm/animals/cows/cow_007.php">	  <img src="/resources/images/farm/animals/cows/sm/cow_007.jpg" alt="Cows -  7 of 12" title="Cows -  7 of 12">	  </a>	  <div class="description_sm">Cow Picture</div>	</div>	<div class="gallery_sm">	  <a href="/gallery/farm/animals/cows/cow_008.php">	  <img src="/resources/images/farm/animals/cows/sm/cow_008.jpg" alt="Cows -  8 of 12" title="Cows -  8 of 12">	  </a>	  <div class="description_sm">Cow Picture</div>	</div>	<div class="gallery_sm">	  <a href="/gallery/farm/animals/cows/cow_009.php">	  <img src="/resources/images/farm/animals/cows/sm/cow_009.jpg" alt="Cows -  9 of 12" title="Cows -  9 of 12">	  </a>	  <div class="description_sm">Cow Picture</div>	</div>	<div class="gallery_sm">	  <a href="/gallery/farm/animals/cows/cow_010.php">	  <img src="/resources/images/farm/animals/cows/sm/cow_010.jpg" alt="Cows -  10 of 12" title="Cows -  10 of 12">	  </a>	  <div class="description_sm">Cow Picture</div>	</div>	<div class="gallery_sm">	  <a href="/gallery/farm/animals/cows/cow_011.php">	  <img src="/resources/images/farm/animals/cows/sm/cow_011.jpg" alt="Cows -  11 of 12" title="Cows -  11 of 12">	  </a>	  <div class="description_sm">Cow Picture</div>	</div>	<div class="gallery_sm">	  <a href="/gallery/farm/animals/cows/cow_012.php">	  <img src="/resources/images/farm/animals/cows/sm/cow_012.jpg" alt="Cows -  12 of 12" title="Cows -  12 of 12">	  </a>	  <div class="description_sm">Cow Picture</div>	</div></div></div><br><div style="border: 1px solid black; background-color: red; overflow: auto;"><div class="center">Ledge Rock Farm Pasture Pictures<hr width="350" noshade></div><div class="gallery_sm">  <a href="/gallery/farm/pasture/pasture_001.php">  <img src="/resources/images/farm/pasture/sm/pasture_001.jpg" alt="Pasture Picture - 1 of 6" title="Pasture Picture - 1 of 6">  </a>  <div class="description_sm">Pasture Picture</div></div><div class="gallery_sm">  <a href="/gallery/farm/pasture/pasture_002.php">  <img src="/resources/images/farm/pasture/sm/pasture_002.jpg" alt="Pasture Picture - 2 of 6" title="Pasture Picture - 2 of 6">  </a>  <div class="description_sm">Pasture Picture</div></div><div class="gallery_sm">  <a href="/gallery/farm/pasture/pasture_003.php">  <img src="/resources/images/farm/pasture/sm/pasture_003.jpg" alt="Pasture Picture - 3 of 6" title="Pasture Picture - 3 of 6">  </a>  <div class="description_sm">Pasture Picture</div></div><div class="gallery_sm">  <a href="/gallery/farm/pasture/pasture_004.php">  <img src="/resources/images/farm/pasture/sm/pasture_004.jpg" alt="Pasture Picture - 4 of 6" title="Pasture Picture - 4 of 6">  </a>  <div class="description_sm">Pasture Picture</div></div><div class="gallery_sm">  <a href="/gallery/farm/pasture/pasture_005.php">  <img src="/resources/images/farm/pasture/sm/pasture_005.jpg" alt="Pasture Picture - 5 of 6" title="Pasture Picture - 5 of 6">  </a>  <div class="description_sm">Pasture Picture</div></div><div class="gallery_sm">  <a href="/gallery/farm/pasture/pasture_006.php">  <img src="/resources/images/farm/pasture/sm/pasture_006.jpg" alt="Pasture Picture - 6 of 6" title="Pasture Picture - 6 of 6">  </a>  <div class="description_sm">Pasture Picture</div></div></div><div class="gallery_sm_nav">	<hr width="50%">	<a href="/gallery/farm/animals/">Back to the Animal Section</a>	<hr width="50%"></div></div><br><!--sphider_noindex--><div class="footer"><br><div class="copyright"><hr class="footer" width="750"><h6>|<a class="copyright" href="/index.php" title="Navigate To Our Home Page.">Home</a> |<a class="copyright" href="/about/" title="Find Out More About Us.">About Us</a> |<a class="copyright" href="/contact/" title="View Our Contact Information.">Contact Us</a> |<a class="copyright" href="/news/index.php" title="Take A Look At Our Newsletter.">Newsletter</a> |<a class="copyright" href="/information/faq.php" title="Take A Look At Some Frequently Asked Questions.">Frequently Asked Questions</a> |<a class="copyright" href="/system/site_map.php" title="View An Outline Of Our Site With This Site Map.">Site Map</a> |<a class="copyright" href="/system/access.php" title="View Our Accessibility Information.">Accessibility</a> |<a class="copyright" href="/system/privacy.php" title="View Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.">Privacy Policy & Terms of Use</a> |</h6><hr class="footer" width="750"></div><a href="#top" title="Jump Back To The Top Of The Page.">Back to top</a><br><br><br></div><!--/sphider_noindex--></div></body></html>


    /* Ledge Rock Farm Style Sheet *//* BASIC STYLES */body {background-color: white;font-family: "bookman old style"; margin: 0px;margin-top: -5px;margin-bottom: -5px;padding: 0px;padding-left: 10px;padding-right: 10px;}div.all{background-color: #dddddd; /* set the color for the page*/height: 100%;margin: 0px;padding: 0px;background-image: url('/resources/images/system/backgrounds/back_001.jpg');background-attachment: fixed;}div.main{min-width: 780px;max-width: 1000px;border: 1px solid #000;margin: 5px auto;padding: 0px;background-color: #ffffee;}div.content{padding: 10px 10px 10px 230px; /*goes clockwise: top, right, bottom, left*/background-color: #ffffee;}img{border-style: none;}div.left{text-align: left;}div.center{text-align: center;}div.right{text-align: right;}div.justify{width: 200px;text-align: justify;}/* Ledge Rock Farm Sidebar Style */div.sidebar{float: left;width: 200px;height: 100%;background-color: #ccffcc; /*was 194812, test for bg really is ccffcc */border-color: black;border-width: 2px;color: black;padding: 7px;border: 1px solid #000;border-left: 0px;border-top: 0px;font:12px arial,sans-serif;}A.sidebar{color: 	black;text-decoration: none;}A.sidebar:link{color: black;}A.sidebar:visited{color: black;text-decoration: none;}A.sidebar:active{color: gray;text-decoration: none;}A.sidebar:hover{color: gray;text-decoration: none;}/* Image Gallery Styles */div.gallery_sm{  padding: 2px;  margin: 2px;  max-height: 500px;  width: auto;  float: left;  text-align: center;  border: 2px solid #666666;  background-color: #DDF6DA;}div.gallery_sm img{  display:inline;  margin: 0px;  border:1px solid #ffffff;  width: 160px;  height: 120px;}div.gallery_sm img.folder{height: 100px;width: 100px;border: none;}div.gallery_sm a:hover img{  border:1px solid #0000ff;}div.gallery_sm a:hover img.folder{  border: none;}div.description_sm{  text-align: center;  font-weight: normal;  width: 158px;  margin: 2px;  font: 13px arial, sans-serif;  min-height: 2em;  vertical-align: baseline;  background-color: white;  border: 1px solid;  line-height: 2em;}div.description_sm_folder{  text-align: center;  font-weight: normal;  width: 158px;  margin: 2px;  font: 13px arial, sans-serif;  min-height: 2em;  vertical-align: baseline;  background-color: white;  border: 1px solid;  line-height: 2em;}div.gallery_sm img{  border: 1px solid #ffffff;}div.gallery_sm img a:hover{  border: 2px solid #542385;}div.gallery_lg{  margin: 5px;  padding: 1px;  height: auto;  text-align: center;    border: 1px solid black;  background-color: #DDF6DA;}div.gallery_lg_title{  display: inline-block;  margin-top: -1px;  padding-left: 5px;  padding-right: 5px;  line-height: 1.5em;  text-align: center;  border: 1px solid black;  border-top: none;  background-color: white; }div.gallery_lg img{  border: 1px solid black;  display: inline;  margin: 3px;  margin-top: 6px;  margin-bottom: 6px;  width: 750px;}div.gallery_lg img.link{  border: 1px solid black;  padding: 3px;  background-color: #ffffee;  display: inline;  margin: 3px;  width: 120px;  height: 90px;  vertical-align: middle;}div.description_lg{  text-align: center;  font-weight: normal;  width: auto;  margin: 2px;  font: 14px arial,sans-serif;  height: 2em;  font-weight: normal;  background-color: white;  border: 1px solid;  line-height: 2em;}div.gallery_lg_nav{  text-align: center;  font: 15px arial,sans-serif;  margin: 5px;  padding: 5px;}div.gallery_lg_nav A{color: 	#006600;text-decoration: none;}div.gallery_lg_nav A:link{color: #006600;}div.gallery_lg_nav A:visited{color: #66cc66;text-decoration: none;}div.gallery_lg_nav A:active{color: #66cc66;text-decoration: none;}div.gallery_lg_nav A:hover{color: #66CC66;text-decoration: none;}div.gallery_sm_nav{  clear: both;  text-align: center;  font: 15px arial,sans-serif;  margin: 5px;  padding: 5px;}div.gallery_sm_nav A{color: 	#006600;text-decoration: none;}div.gallery_sm_nav A:link{color: #006600;}div.gallery_sm_nav A:visited{color: #006600;text-decoration: none;}div.gallery_sm_nav A:active{color: #006600;text-decoration: none;}div.gallery_sm_nav A:hover{color: #66CC66;text-decoration: none;}

    I tried cutting out a lot of the crap that didn't really apply so it would be a little shorter.

  4. Okay,as it is now, i have something like this

              Section______________________________[] [] [] [] [] [] [][] [] [] []and i'd like it so it's centered           Section_______________________________      [] [] [] [] [] [] []           [] [] [] []

    It's kind of complicated, because i have: inside the body is a main div (which centers all the content in the page, inside the main div, i have a sidebar and content divs, and inside the content div is the situation, i want a div, that holds the section title, an hr, maybe a paragraph then the boxes, centered.i have a demo of what i'm trying to do here .the blue box is what i wanted everything centered inside of, but i wanted the image boxes centered themselves so they're in another div. I'm only using temporary styles and once i get it all worked out, I was going to add them to the style sheet.chances are you'll need to know more, so just let me know what it is,thanks,

  5. I've been looking and a lot of places say to put the headers before any outputbut...is that before even the doctype, or just in the header before the bodyonce i get that straightened out, i'll be all set,thanks,EDIT: looking at the info here, it shows it going before the opening html tags, but doesn't say whether it has to be before the doctype declaration.

  6. I've been looking up how to stop caching, and several sites mention the use of http headers, and adding expiration date and no cache statements to them, the only thing is I've never heard of http headers and I have no idea how to create/modify them.

  7. I recently redid my 404 page and included error reporting where it sent me an email and gave the recent url (where they came from) and the current url (where they were trying to go)now, I'm getting email (my error reports) stating things like a background.gif request (inside my resources folder) from pretty much any page on my domain.the only problem is i don't have a background.gif referenced anywhere (long since commented out from my css)also, i think a lot of these errors are from robots or spiders, so is there any way to detect if the user is a robot (ie through testing user agent in the server array) and not send reports generated by them?if you get what I'm saying please point me in the right direction,thanks,EDIT: changed the background.gif to take away the url

  8. I suppose you could consider it solved, as I found a solution earlier today.Honestly, I don't know why I didn't do it earlier, but i just set the margin-top and bottom properties of the body to negative and it brought the top to the top and the bottom to the bottom.that's it, i guess

  9. Lately I've been adding my own custom error pages and i decided to finish them out and add the 500,400,401,403, and 404 errorsI've got the 404, and 401 done,Working on the 403, i can't seem to get it to show up.my understanding of the 403 is that if someone goes to a directory, and it doesn't have any sort of index page, it would show the 403 error instead of a directory listing(i'd like to not show all my images and other resources as a directory, but serve up this 403 error instead.)In my .htaccess i have

    ErrorDocument 404 /system/error/not_found.php ErrorDocument 500 /system/error/internal_server_error.php ErrorDocument 400 /system/error/bad_request.php ErrorDocument 401 /system/error/auth_required.php ErrorDocument 403 /system/error/forbidden.php

    every page has been created, it's just that the forbidden.php page won't come up. Chances are I have the purpose of the 403 error mixed up so any clarification would be helpfulthanks,

  10. At first, as in when the page is first loaded, (probably better if it's not cached so it's easier to see) but the image does have it's box only when it's done loading, it shrinks it back down to nothing,right now, it's not too big a deal, (I really shouldn't have any missing images) it was just for when I was filling pages, it helped to keep order.

  11. after forgetting about this for a little bit, i came upon some code that achieved this effect (although not as smoothly)

    window.scrollBy(0,-3); // horizontal and vertical scroll increments    	scrolldelay = setTimeout('pageScroll()',001); // scrolls every 100 milliseconds

    the only problem is that when it reaches the top, it doesn't stop scrolling up. I was hoping someone knew how to detect if the user was at the top of the screen therefore i could set a condition to stop it.EDIT:I recently found the innerWidth, innerHeight and the pageXOffset, pageYOffset properties which will help make it fancier. but the only problem i have is to determine when the user has reached the top. What would be really helpful is if there was a method/property like window.yPos() that returned the the current y position ( so i can test when user has reached the top of the content to cancel the scrolling.)

  12. Okay, Ive got two divs (floating aside one another) inside the outer divmy outer div has a background color (white) and border (black) and the page is displayed with a black bar above the two floated elementsI thought that the outer divs always stretched to allow room for the inner div(s), which is not the case herehtml:

    <div class="recipe_card_container">	<div class="recipe_card_ingredients">		<b>Ingredients:</b>		<table>			<tr> <td class="recipe_measurement">1</td> <td class="recipe_item">Small cauliflower (about 1<sup>1</sup>⁄<sub>4</sub> lbs.)</td> </tr>			<tr> <td class="recipe_measurement"> </td> <td class="recipe_item">Salted water</td> </tr>			<tr> <td class="recipe_measurement">1</td> <td class="recipe_item">Medium onion, finely chopped</td> </tr>			<tr> <td class="recipe_measurement">2 Tbsp.</td> <td class="recipe_item">butter or margerine</td> </tr>			<tr> <td class="recipe_measurement">1</td> <td class="recipe_item">Egg</td> </tr>			<tr> <td class="recipe_measurement"><sup>1 </sup>⁄<sub>4</sub> ???</td> <td class="recipe_item">Ketchup or chili sauce</td> </tr>			<tr> <td class="recipe_measurement"><sup>1 </sup>⁄<sub>3</sub> cup</td> <td class="recipe_item">soft bread crumbs</td> </tr>			<tr> <td class="recipe_measurement"><sup>1 </sup>⁄<sub>2</sub> tsp.</td> <td class="recipe_item">garlic salt</td> </tr>			<tr> <td class="recipe_measurement"> </td> <td class="recipe_item">Dash of pepper</td> </tr>			<tr> <td class="recipe_measurement">1 lb.</td> <td class="recipe_item">Lean ground beef</td> </tr>		</table>		</div>	<div class="recipe_card_prep">		<b>Preparation:</b>		<ol>			<li><span> Rinse cauliflower. Remove and discard leaves and lower part of the core. Place, stem end down, in 1<sup>in</sup> of boiling salted water in a deep pan. </span></li>			<li><span> Cover and steam for five minutes then drain. Place in greased, deep 1<sup>1</sup>⁄<sub>4</sub> to 1<sup>1</sup>⁄<sub>2</sub> quart baking dish. </span></li>			<li><span> Cook onion in heated butter until lightly browned. Remove from heat. </span></li>			<li><span> Beat egg in a medium bowl. Mix in catsup (or chili sauce), bread crumbs, garlic salt, and pepper. Then lightly mix in onion mixture and ground beef. </span></li>			<li><span> Mold ground beef mixture evenly around the sides and top of the cauliflower. </span></li>			<li><span> Bake, uncovered, at 350° for 45 to 50 minutes or until meat is well browned and cauliflower is tender when a knife is inserted to test it. </span></li>			<li><span> Let stand for 5 minutes, then cut in wedges to serve </span></li>		</ol>	</div>	</div>


    div.recipe_card_container{background-color: white;border: 1px solid black;clear: both;}div.recipe_card_ingredients{background-color: white;margin: auto;padding: 2px;width: 355px;float: left;text-align: left;}div.recipe_card_prep{margin: auto;padding: 2px;text-align: left;width: 355px;float: right;background-color: white;}

    you can see it in action here

  13. I actually am using css,my html code is (simplified of course):

    <div class="recipe_card"><div class="recipe_card_title">Cauliflower Center Meatloaf</div><br><img src="/Resources/Images/Recipes/LG/x.jpg"></div>

    and my css code is:

    div.recipe_card{  padding: auto;  height: auto;  text-align: center;  border: 1px solid black;}div.recipe_card img{  border: 1px solid black;  margin: 2px;  margin-top: 6px;  margin-bottom: 6px;  width: 400px;  height: 250px;}

    which gives me this result

  14. I don't know if it's possible but, I'd like it so that if an image doesn't load (ie the source doesn't exist) then the page still have an empty box where the image would've been (with the alt text in the box) because when an image doesn't load, it messes up my formatting. (like in a gallery and the middle image doesn't load, the containers sometimes stretch and the images after it aren't aligned in their rows.EDIT:Or, is this pretty much browser dependent, where one browser displays a missing image differently than another browser?

  15. oh, i had no intention of using a table for the first problem.to give context, I'm trying to design a sort-of recipe card where I've got a title, then image, then stats. Below the stats are a side by side a list of ingredients (where the table would come in) and a list of preperation steps, then below those, a list of notes (like what goes with the dish and what not)the stats is the only place i'd use the list from my first question where it'd be like- cooking time: 1 hour - Prep time: 15 Min- Servings: - Oven Temp: 350 Fsomething like that, where each list item would be justified so it would retain some kind of order and not some jumbled mess.EDIT:but yes, now i don't have to worry about figuring out how to the the second questionthanks,

  16. I've got two questions:1. how can i split up a list so that it acts justified? ex.(the list i have now)- list item 1- list item 2- list item 3- list item 4(what i hope to achieve)- list item 1 - list item 2- list item 3 - list item 42. Is there any way i can specifically change the value of an ol or li value?ex.2 1/2 cups brown sugarwhere 2 1/2 would be the list bullet and the "cups brown sugar" would be the rest of the list itemthe last question could probably be done without css but I'm not sure so i put it with my other question.Honestly, the second question is the most important right now, but i'd like to be able to do both.I'd appreciate what you can throw at me,thanks,EDIT:I got to thinking and my second question could be solved by using tables, but, is that acceptable? I mean, when people mention tables, everybody in the room seems to shout to use css instead, and is this one of those times or is this where a table would be the thing to use.thanks,

  17. The reason for going from php to javascript wasn't if they turned it off (which, they can't you pointed out) it was because i didn't think that with php I could get the previous page. There's no reason now to even use javascript for this because of the $_SERVER array (which I didn't know about before).I just tested it out and it works, unsurprisingly,all that i have left is to work it into the message that gets sentThanks a million,I mean this will make it so much easier to find the problem and fix, though hopefully people will hardly ever see this page.

  18. So, i went through a validator, and all my pages validated except that they come up with an error, (No Character encoding declared at document level)I went to add a meta tag to the document with the character (<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=US-ASCII">)I put us-ascii because when I edit the page in cpanel, that's what shows up for encoding. But, when I validated it, the page said the encoding was utf-8the validation results are hereI really just want to know how to check the real character encoding so I can put the right one in.

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