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  1. So I'm going through and validating my site, and i get an error/ warning about a form tag without an action attribute.The truth is, I'm using these empty form tags for fieldsets, and I wasn't sure if i needed a form tag containing the fieldsets so I added oneMy question is, do i need the opening and closing form tags to use fieldsets, and if i do, how can I have a form tag with an action that does nothing (should it just be action=" ")much appreciated,thanks,
  2. by zooming, I mean holding down the ctrl key, and scrolling up and down with the middle mouse button.when it goes outside the standard size, the last item on my menu occasionally drops down to a second levelis there anyway i can put this into a div or other container to prevent it from splitting up into two levels?perhaps by adding something about line heights maybe suggestions would be greatly appreciated,my menuthanks,
  3. Yeah, I've got it so it works, I just basically took the example from my form, and just cut out the form part of it so now it automatically sends an email when that page is loaded.thanks,EDIT:I started to try to do a hybrid javascript/php (because I wanted to get the previous page) but someone turned me onto the $_SERVER array which worked beautifully, so this will stay as just php and I don't have to worry about people without the javascript
  4. At first I was doing this in php but then decided to it might be better to have it in javascript and the php code in noscript tags, in case it was off.what it'd like is when the 404 page is accessed, it sends an email automatically (to me for error fixing purposes) and I'd like to be able to:detect current urldetect previous page (so i can easily find the problematic link and possibly inform externally linked sites of a moved page) (reason for switch to javascript from php)can anyone give me some advice on how to do this,thanks
  5. To start, I've already set up a custom 404 error page, which works.What i'd like to add is an automatic error report that is sent to an email.I've fooled around with other mailing forms which all work, but I'm not sure how to set up one that is sent automatically.I just found out that i won't be able to retrieve the user's previous page, so right now i just need to know how to send an email automaticallyif you caught all that, any advice would be appreciated.thanks,
  6. Okay, I've been working on making my 404 error more user friendly (hopefully they won't ever need it) and I can't style it with css.The page is 404.shtml and I was hoping to have it somewhat match the rest of my site, add some color, change the width and a few other things,can anyone give me some tips as to how to add style to it (like linking the style sheet didn't seem to work),also, I thought I kept an original copy of the 404.shtml but now I can't find it, so if anyone knows where I can get it (it's on an apache server), it would be appreciated.thanks,EDIT: found out how to change the actual page through .htaccess and set it up so it went to my own .php file where the styles work and I can include other things.
  7. Great,that worked perfectly, the display: inline.thanks,
  8. okay,working with the tutorial on the image gallery here, I've hit a snagit's really nothing major, but...I've added a title that goes above the image and I want it to have a border that wraps to the texti've tried setting the width of the div to auto, but that made it as long as the outer container, even leaving the width complete out, but it still stretches to the outer containerCode: div.gallery_lg{ margin: 2px; padding: 1px; height: auto; width: 750; text-align: center; border: 2px solid #666666; background-color: #DDF6DA;}div.gallery_lg_title{ margin: 2px; line-height: 1.5em; text-align: center; border: 1px solid black; background-color: white;} where, div.gallery_lg is the outer container holding the title (div.gallery_lg_title)I only want the border to go a couple pixels to the outside of the text (manipulated by either the padding or margin property)if anybody can understand what I'm asking, and can give a hint, I'd really appreciate it.thanks,
  9. I found a solution to this that i like, just using line-height propertyi just set the height and line-height property to the same thing (in em) and the lines were centered nicelythe only problem is that if the line wraps around it doesn't look so good but I'm dealing with pretty much universal linage here.
  10. Okay, I decided to go back and just put a check in for all of my possible folders and now nothing comes up like thatas in Folder > (index.php's title)all of them just come up Folder >pretty much just a status report really
  11. it was only temporary because after a restart of the computer the problem was gone.I guess I'll just consider this a hiccup and move on
  12. It's not that I want to get rid of the hover effect, because if they don't have javascript turned on, nothing will happen (no dropdown) where if they have javascript turned on, it will ignore the hover from the css and then use the mouseover.I'm starting to think that it might be better to have a nice javascript menu and then have the standard css menu I've already got in no script tagsI'm thinking that would probably be easier and a lot less complicated
  13. The way I've set this up is I added an id tag to each parent(li) and each child(ul) and the mouseover and mouseout are in the li and ul tags,here's my java code (separated in it's own file): function menu_delay_in(id){ switch(id) { case "about_parent": menu_show(about_child); break; case "info_parent": menu_show(info_child); break; case "location_parent": menu_show(location_child); break; case "contact_parent": menu_show(contact_child); break; case "product_parent": menu_show(product_child_1); break; case "product_child_1a": menu_show(product_child_2); break; case "product_child_2a": menu_show(product_child_3a); break; case "product_child_2b": menu_show(product_child_3b); break; case "product_child_2c": menu_show(product_child_3c); break; case "product_child_2d": menu_show(product_child_3d); break; default: document.write("ERROR! - Delay Out Function"); }}function menu_delay_out(id){ switch(id) { case "about_parent": menu_hide(about_child); break; case "info_parent": menu_hide(info_child); break; case "location_parent": menu_hide(location_child); break; case "contact_parent": menu_hide(contact_child); break; case "product_parent": menu_hide(product_child_1); break; case "product_child_1a": menu_hide(product_child_2); break; case "product_child_2a": menu_hide(product_child_3a); break; case "product_child_2b": menu_hide(product_child_3b); break; case "product_child_2c": menu_hide(product_child_3c); break; case "product_child_2d": menu_hide(product_child_3d); break; default: document.write("ERROR! - Delay Out Function"); }}function menu_show(id){//document.write(" SHOW ");document.getElementById(id).visibility = "hidden";var t=setTimeout("document.getElementById(id).visibility = "visible";",2000);}function menu_hide(id){//document.write(" HIDE ");document.getElementById(id).visibility = "visible";var t=setTimeout("document.getElementById(id).visibility = "hidden";",2000);} is there something i'm not seeing?also, how do i get it to ignore the hover effects from the css?thanks,
  14. sorry, kinda got tired of editing the same post six times, so,once I have the elements id, how do i make it so i can manipulate it?like obj.visiblility = "hidden"; and what not, right now all I have is an id, no object.Thanks,
  15. Ok, thanksafter some fiddling I got it where I wanted, but it turns out it won't work for what I wanted, (the way I set up my links, I link to the folder, so detecting the url doesn't give the actual index.php for that folder)but thanks, if I ever need this for anything else, i'll have something working to base it off of
  16. I recently found a nice script to create the breadcrumbs for a website. I put it on and changed it a tad (to add styling divs) and after a little toying with, worked great. Right now i'm trying to get rid of displays if the filename is index (right now if i'm on the home page i get Home > (document title)and i tried to get rid of the document title part, only if it was an index.php fileCode that works (without trying to remove the index file's title: function breadcrumbs(){ sURL = new String; bits = new Object; var x = 0; var stop = 0; var output = "<div class='crumb'> <a class='crumb' href=\"/\">Home</a> > "; sURL = location.href; sURL = sURL.slice(8,sURL.length); chunkStart = sURL.indexOf("/"); sURL = sURL.slice(chunkStart+1,sURL.length) while(!stop){ chunkStart = sURL.indexOf("/"); if (chunkStart != -1){ bits[x] = sURL.slice(0,chunkStart) sURL = sURL.slice(chunkStart+1,sURL.length); }else{ stop = 1; } x++; } for(var i in bits){ output += "<a class='crumb' href=\""; for(y=1;y<x-i;y++){ output += "../"; } output += bits[i] + "/\">" + bits[i] + "</a> > "; } document.write(output + document.title + "</div>");} Code that didn't work function breadcrumbs(){ sURL = new String; bits = new Object; var x = 0; var stop = 0; var output = "<div class='crumb'> <a class='crumb' href=\"/\">Home</a> > "; sURL = location.href; sURL = sURL.slice(8,sURL.length); chunkStart = sURL.indexOf("/"); sURL = sURL.slice(chunkStart+1,sURL.length) var filename = url.substring(url.lastindexOf("\\")+1,url.lastindexOf("\."); while(!stop){ chunkStart = sURL.indexOf("/"); if (chunkStart != -1){ bits[x] = sURL.slice(0,chunkStart) sURL = sURL.slice(chunkStart+1,sURL.length); }else{ stop = 1; } x++; } for(var i in bits){ output += "<a class='crumb' href=\""; for(y=1;y<x-i;y++){ output += "../"; } output += bits[i] + "/\">" + bits[i] + "</a> > "; }if(filename == "index"){ document.write(output + "</div>");}else{ document.write(output + document.title + "</div>");}} oh, and i found the url.substring(url.lastindexOf("\\")+1,url.lastindexOf("\."); from somewhere where they were trying to get the file name of the documentIs there something i'm doing wrong here?thanks,
  17. Sorry about not dealing with this for a while, it kinda took a backseat to everything else.My main question with this is how do i target the child lists from within the parentsay I have it this way where when you hover over ABOUT the box drops down/appears and inside is history and whatnotI have the onmouseover() and onmouseout in the li tag for the ABOUT, how do i target the box with the history and whatnot in itI know there's the getelementbyid() but all my li's and ul's are distinguished by classes and I don't really know how to mark it a child of li that has the mouseover's on itWhat i'm thinking is to have it marked as a child and how to distinguish between the children so all of my submenu's don't open all at the same time.Also, the link from above is bad and now the menu is herebe warned, I'm learning this and to get an idea of timing over's and out's I used alert boxes (just moved to document.write which didn't work like i wanted but i left it for now because it's only on one)EDIT:I just found the hasChildNodes() and that'll probably be able to tell me if it has a drop down box, but I'm not really sure on how to manipulate the child yet, still looking though.also, the getElementById() would work but is there anyway to just add an id to an element that already has a class, because i could just add id="about+parent" and the child could be id="about_child" and therefore probably easier to manipulate. Not really sure how i would even redo the entire menu in id's instead of classesEDIT 2:Wouldn't it be possible to just contain the parent and child in separate divs than what i've already created and give them id's so as to use the getElementById() and be able to manipulate them?Is it me or is the room spinning around you too?EDIT 3:I found out you can have both class and id in an element so i'm trying to add like before have an id="parent" and id="child" unique to each dropdown box and then i'll be able to get exactly what I want in the javascript functionsEDIT 4:On second thought, how would i go about this? i have a mouse over on the parent li and that calls a funciton. In the function how do i test what id the current one is, unless there's a getCurrentElementById() because once I have that, then I could manipulate the child,knowing which parent was moused overAlso, is there anyway to output to the screen/site without destroying the current document (for debugging purposes) like having a textbox and whenever i mouseover an element have the textbox fill with output from the function that was called from the mousover.and yes, the room is definitely spinning now, maybe i should leave this alone for a minute or two EDIT 5:Duh, pass the id as a function argument, you know, sometimes it makes me wonder how i graduated programming thanks
  18. I don't really know, right now I'm at work on my laptop and when i tried to duplicate it (same browser version), it loaded correctly. I'm thinking it might just be not loading completely at home. I'll look into it when I get home from work tonight.
  19. when i entered my site in flock, without the www. it loaded without the css but when i attached the www. it loaded correctlycan anyone help me with this or is it just flock v2.5.2 (because it didn't do this in firefox v3.0.18 (portable))I'd like to have all that hard work I put in the css actually show up but I'm not sure how I can change it when people don't enter the www.
  20. Sorry, I should have clarified.As of now I really only see then need to search pages, though I do have a picture section. I only intend to have people be able to search for pages and possibly by section (like searching only the information section, or the product section). It's probably not necessary for the section search right now (though it would be easy (as all sections are in folders and just have the search do www.domain.com/folder1/ instead of just www.domain.comanyway, it's always best to start small, so right now, I only intend to do a page searchthanks,
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    This is only a suggestion, but I recently created a drop down menu from scratch (which was not fun at all) and its run through css only (i plan on adding javascript later for an added bonus (like fading in), but i wanted it to work without javascript (incase someone has it off) )as far as i know, it works with most, if not all of the current browsers (no hacks)you can have a peak here http://www.ledgerockgrassfedangusbeef.com/Testing/menu.phpfeel free to check the code for pointers,I also think I remember reading (possibly even here) to avoid using behavior propertiesagain, this was only a suggestion, as i really don't know much about going from html to xhtmlhope that helps
  22. What I'd like is a search box implemented on my site that searches my site onlyI know it can be done (and has) with javascript, but I'm not really keen on the idea that if someone has it off, they don't get that featureAnd I've thought about having a google powered site search but I don't like how it doesn't really mesh with my site design, or the ads.I'm also toying with the idea of an advanced search, so they can search by section as well.I was hoping that someone could point me in right direction here.
  23. Ok,I just tried adding a height property to the desc div, and it worked, in respect to the fact that it made them all the same length, but the one with the sup tags, the text set a tad lower than the others. I've tried a vertical-align property with all of the possible values and it didn't seem to do the trick.if anyone's got a way to fix this (so they have a uniform height and the description text matches the others (position wise), I'd appreciate it.thanks,EDIT: I've since learned what the vertical-align property actually does, so that wasn't going to work anyway. Right now, I'm satisfied with having them just equal.
  24. Sorry it took so long to get the code, there's been a problem with my internet,anyway, the page code is: <div class="sidebar">Side menu here</div><div class="content"><hr width="350" noshade align="left"><div class="img_gal"> <a href="/Gallery/Markets/"> <img class="folder" src="/Resources/Images/System/folder_empty.png" alt="82nd Street Market" /> </a> <div class="desc">82<sup>nd</sup> Street</div></div><div class="img_gal"> <a href=""> <img class="folder" src="/Resources/Images/System/folder_empty.png" alt="Tucker Square Market" /> </a> <div class="desc">Tucker Square</div></div><div class="img_gal"> <a href=""> <img class="folder" src="/Resources/Images/System/folder_empty.png" alt="Cortelyou Market" /> </a> <div class="desc">Cortelyou</div></div><div class="img_gal"> <a href=""> <img class="folder" src="/Resources/Images/System/folder_empty.png" alt="Stuyvesant Town Market" /> </a> <div class="desc">Stuyvesant Town</div></div><hr><div class="img_gal"> <a href=""> <img class="folder" src="/Resources/Images/System/folder_empty.png" alt="Central Avenue Market" /> </a> <div class="desc">Central Avenue</div></div><div class="img_gal"> <a href="klematis4_big.htm"> <img class="folder" src="/Resources/Images/System/folder_full.png" alt="Livingstonville Flea Market" /> </a> <div class="desc">Livingstonville</div></div><div class="img_gal"> <a href="klematis4_big.htm"> <img class="folder" src="/Resources/Images/System/folder_full.png" alt="Botanical Gardens Market" /> </a> <div class="desc">Botanical Gardens</div></div><div class="img_gal"> <a href="klematis4_big.htm"> <img class="folder" src="/Resources/Images/System/folder_full.png" alt="Waterford Market" /> </a> <div class="desc">Waterford</div></div> and the css is : div.img_gal { margin:2px; border:1px solid #0000ff; height:auto; width:auto; float:left; text-align:center; }div.img_gal img { display:inline; margin:3px; border:1px solid #ffffff; }div.desc { text-align:center; font-weight:normal; width:120px; margin:2px; font:13px arial,sans-serif; }img.folder{height: 96px;width: 96px;border: none;}img.folder a:hover img{border: none;} and btw, the sidebar and content divs are just to organize a side menu pane and the text portion of the page.I know the problem is coming from the first gallery thumb, the 82nd street one, because when i have the border enabled it is just a tad longer than the others when I'm using the <sup> tagsI thought that if i added a height ( or min / max height) might make the description part of the thumbnail uniform whether there were <sup> tags or not.I'm going to try that quick and see what happens,
  25. I'm talking about the CSS gallery tutorial here : http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_image_gallery.aspand everything works great except when I try to use <sup> tags.when i do, the image container stretches a tad lower, and when the next row of images come up below it, the one that has the <sup> tag in it blocks the one below it so it's like thisX X X XO X X XXwhere the O is an empty space and the X above is the one that has the sup tag.Right now it's not crucial but it does look better to have the "1<sup>st</sup> than the "1st"if anyone's figured this out, I'd appreciate cluing me in.thanks,
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