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  1. Hey everybody,i've got a few quick questions (relatively simple) about php and mysqli'm very new to mysql and only a few days experienced with php, but I'm learning, soi'm working on a website (obviously) and i'm making a login, account part of the website and i wanted toknow how secure it would be if i were to have login/register pages add to and check the database and base the whole account system on php and databasesalso, how would i go about keeping users logged in for more than one page (i don't know much about sessions yet.)Is there a more efficient/secure way of making a member/account portion of a websitei'm asking this because i plan on using it for checkout/cart system and i think it will be somewhat easy to manage with databasesi've looked at things like zencart and oscommerce and i'm not sure if that's how i want to do it.thanks for any input.

  2. I think I understand where your coming from,what everybody else is saying is that you can use pretty much any text editor to create and edit php fileseven the old notepad should workbut I think what your asking for is a little preview of your page, (like just clicking on the .html file and it opening in your browser, not your editor)what you need is a local server set upjust about the simplest thing you can get is something called easyphp (google it and you should find it)when that gets set up (something that runs pretty much from the notification tray) you select local web and that'll give you a folder called "test" (or something close) you'll need to put your .php files in that folderand then run them from the internet that way (not really on the internet though it's still local to your computer, i believe)another option (which i think is a little better (it has mysql in it as well, and seems a little better setup) ) is wampserver (should be easier to find on google) if you install that and run it (it'll still be in the notification area) you'll want to put it online, then select "www directory" and copy your files you want to preview in there then run localhost, that'll bring up a page (in your browser) there's a projects section and a test folder (i believe "test 1234" by default) under that, your files should be in there and you'll be able to preview them that waylet me know if this wasn't clear enough,also, you might want to look into it, but i'm pretty sure that the tutorials mentioned that require is better to use instead of include()

  3. Okay, you might be a little confused as to what I mean so, an explanationSay my page constists of a header and footer (included through php)and my main content is located in a tableI want it so nearly every screen resolution can see it (so nobody has to horizontally scrollso i have a tag <table width="90%> but, i want it so that when they resizetheir browser, the table resizes (obviously from the 90%) but it gets so they canresize too much (too small) and my menu tab (css generated) gets screwed up(the last "tab" gets dropped down, which i don't want)so i'm asking if i can have a percentaged width that will only shrink so far like sayonly to 500px?let me know if i'm not clear enough or somethingthanks in advance,

  4. You mean FrontPage 2000?
    actually it is firstpage, it's Firstpage 2006 from evrsoft (i'm using the 06 version)
    You should add Notepad++ to that list.
    agreed, Notepad++ is the best editor for anything out there,it's got like 20 some languages you can select fromI use it for everything (c++, java, php, html, everything i code)
  5. i see this in the examples section here and I haven't figured out the importance<br />I realize it's a break tag, I know that much, what I don't know is the meaning of the slashcan anyone explain this?thanks in advance,

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