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  1. Hmmmm. I think here you are definitely right. Why didn't I think of that before. (and to think I could've spent those $60 on another latin grammar) Well, live and learn.
  2. Okay, then. But what if you just wanted a piece of paper to prove you are capable of manipulating XHTML, but your job isn't creating and maintaining websites, just translating them (I'm a Translator)? I mean, that's gotta be worth something.
  3. Wow, everyone seems to have some negative opinion about W3Schools, especially the moderators Why is that? I'm starting to regret having spent the $60 dollars. But, then again, I only wanted the certificate to show people I'm capable of manipulating XHTML/CSS, and not because I'm making it my career (which is, hopefully, a BA in Philosophy).
  4. Aw, comen on, it's not THAT expensive. :)Thanks, Scott100, I'm doing that right now. JavaScript is certainly more complicated. Hope I can get through it without falling asleep too many times. :)Valete! (That's latin for "take care")
  5. I was wondering how many forum members are certified for XHTML/CSS? And in what way has the certification improved your career/life?I myself got certified this morning by W3Schools, but missed the Excellency Degree by just one question ... Ah well, better luck next time.
  6. I have a problem that frankly baffles me. I have two different divs for layout, each has its own id (#left and #subleft); within each div, there's a unordered list, again, with special ids; within the lis, I had links, and one of them was given id="current" and was highlighted to let the reader know where he is. This morning I sent the files to be validated. Besides a few errors like adding an extra (") to the syntax, everything seemed fine, until I realised I had used id="current" twice, one on div#left and another on div#subleft. Ok. The solution, as everyone knows, is to substitute id="curr
  7. Grand_master


    Quick question. Is it essential to add a property value of clear:both to an element that comes after another element, whose width is 100% and may be floated?Like here, where would a clear be needed, and why would it bee needed if the 100% width prevents anything from floating alongside it? #navigation {width:100%; float:left... plus other things to make a horizontal bar}#content {width:100%; float:left...plus other things that require this to be floated}#footer {text-align:right} Thanks, guys.
  8. Oops, follow-up question: why after making the LI display block and floating it, why make the "a" element also display block? Here's the code I'm looking at: http://css.maxdesign.com.au/listamatic/horizontal10.htm
  9. I have a simple question:What is the difference between an element with display:block and that is then floated, and another element with display:inline? Context: I see many tutorials on how to create horizontal navigation bars, some use display:inline (and that makes sense to me), but others use display:block and then float the list. What is the logic behind this?Thanks!
  10. Of course. Thanks sbrownii. I was under the silly impression that the description and keyword meta tags were to be the same for the entire website. Okay, so I should put meta tags in the language of the page...And just for curiosity, what if I had mixed languages on a single page?
  11. Yeeeaahhh... but the question still stands... should I create as many description meta tags for every language I use in the website?
  12. What do you do when your website is written in more than one human language (i.e., English, Spanish, Latin...), and you want people from different parts of the world to find the keywords in those languages? Do you create several meta elements with the same name ('keywords'), but with different values for 'lang'?Thanks
  13. Oops, my bad.I'll e-mail my question. Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone,I'm new here (to the forum, not to W3Schools), and I have a question: In the HTML tutorial there's a section called "References," there we are offered a list of all the tags used in HTML; however, the W3C also offers the same basic list, but they do not call it a tag list, they call it the element index. Furthermore, the W3C has this to say about elements (I hope I'm not violating any copyrights by providing this little snipet): So, wouldn't it be more appropriate to rename the page "tag list" to "element list"? I ask this with no other intention than to help W3Schools. P.S.
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