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  1. Thank you, all of my .js and .css are relative links or if they are third party links, like bootstrap, I don't specify the protocol, I just use //www.example.css. This is where I was wondering if these files were cached and now the page is requesting SSL content that the mix-content would apply in these situations.
  2. johnnyg24

    SSL pages

    I recently added some security to webpages on our site which previously were not secure. After redirecting our users to the SSL version, some people are complaining that the website will not complete their request while others pass on through without a hitch. Where the problem seems to arise is when they are trying to submit forms. I believe I have resolved all of the 'mix-content' issues that were throwing errors for me but others may still be having the same issue. Could these pages in question be cached somewhere and therefore mix-content is still being delivered to these users? The SSL we are using is SHA-2 Thank you,
  3. The .css and .js files that I place within each folder are unique to that page and only that page. Common files are all stored in one place. I opt not to include page specific .css and .js in my common files because they are not needed on every page and some users will never need them or visit the page where they are applicable. I was thinking of apply the same concept to any class files that are specific to a page. Keeping all non-common files in their own folder structure helps me locate and update resources. I know it doesn't matter where I keep .css and .js files but I'm unsure of if that applies to my class files as well. I guess another way to ask my question would be will storing class files in separate folders have any negative performance issues and could I be creating a nightmare for the next coder that comes along to work on my website?
  4. johnnyg24

    class libraries

    I have been remodeling our website from classic ASP to vb.net over the past few months and being new to the .net world I was wondering if someone could tell me the benefits of creating a class library to hold all of my classes. I currently have a class library for not only common classes but also for classes that are specific to a single web page. Historically I prefer to keep all resources (ex: .css and .js files) about a page within the folder where the page resides. So if I have a root>sales>index.vbhtml then I like to keep any page specific .css and .js inside the root>sales folder. I would prefer to keep any classes specific about that page inside the root>sales folder as well. Is this bad practice and should I continue to put all classes inside my class library? Thank you,
  5. one last quaestion I promise, when a user run the page for the first time and it's compiled, will it remain complied for every subsequent vistor or will each uniqe visitior compile the page over again on their first visit?
  6. Thank you, How do I compile the website, do I click on Build > Build Web Site? And what's the best way to tell if the webpage has been complied? Is there way for me see to a compiled version in a folder somewhere or a list of complied files?
  7. Thank you Foxy Mod, I am using the default page that VS creates as part of their website package so there are no images. I was wondering if I need to "Build Web Site" or "Publish Web App" first?
  8. johnnyg24

    slow page load

    I'm in the process of converting my entire site from classic asp to asp.net. I've down loaded visual studios 2015 community addition and I'm trying to learn how to build an asp.net web site (razor v3) in VB from scratch. Please keep in mind I've used Dreamweaver 8 for the past 6 years so I know nothing about visual studios. I can hit the default.vbhtml web page from my browser but the first time I visit the page it can take 5-10 seconds to load. Each subsequent visit loads very quickly. Do I need to do anything with this website before just saving it to my server? Will these pages take this long for another visitor to see on there first visit? Sorry for what is probably a silly question but this almost an entirely new language to me. Thank you,
  9. I'm looking for a way to exclude all related records if one column has a particular value. Here is an example: ID | BOOK A | 1234 A | 5678 A | 9101 B | 5678 B | 9101 C | 5678 if BOOK = '1234' then exclude all ID = 'A'. My desired output would be: ID | BOOK B | 5678 B | 9101 C | 5678 Is there a way to do this? -Thanks
  10. johnnyg24

    Include File

    got it. I had the include wrapped in <% %> tags in send.asp. I removed them and it works fine now. Thanks for trying.
  11. johnnyg24

    Include File

    no. I even tried putting "Hello world" in a Sub and tried calling it from send.asp, still no luck. I use includes all over my site and they all work just fine.
  12. johnnyg24

    Include File

    I have that, sorry, I just wrote it wrong in this post.
  13. johnnyg24

    Include File

    I'm scratching my head on this one. I have a file located website/email/notifications/newcust/email.asp I am trying to include this file in website/email/notifications/send.asp email.asp file: "Hello World" send.asp file: <!-- #include file="newcust/email.asp" --> however, send.asp is blank when I run it. Any ideas? It seems as though it is not actually including email.asp
  14. Is there a way to custom sort a recordset? If I have a recordest with ID's: ID ------ A B C and I want to sort it to look like: ID ------ B A C How would I do this? I would know the exact sort sequence ahead of time.
  15. Thanks, I did a little more digging and it may not be possible to use a case statement with Excel. Maybe I should look into sorting the Recordset set after the query??
  16. Not sure what you mean by "make the case a column in the results". The ITEM-NUMBER is already a column in the database (excel file). I'm new to SQL so could you provide an example please?
  17. Hello, I've been working on this problem for two days with no luck in fixing it. I am trying to select records using the IN() function and then sort then in the same order using a CASE statment. Here is my set up: Dim cnDim strSQLCommandSet cn = Server.Createobject("ADODB.Connection")Set rs = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")With cn.Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0".ConnectionString = "Data Source=c:mypathmyfile.xls;" & _"Extended Properties=""Excel 8.0;HDR=Yes;"";".openEnd With sql = "SELECT [ITEM-NUMBER] FROM [Sheet1$] WHERE [ITEM-NUMBER] IN('HOOP-2','GRAV-1','URIA-1') ORDER BY CASE WHEN [ITEM-NUMBER] = 'HOOP-2' THEN '1' WHEN [ITEM-NUMBER] ='GRAV-1' THEN '2' WHEN [ITEM-NUMBER] = 'URIA-1' THEN '3' ELSE [ITEM-NUMBER] END" rs.open sql, _ cn, 3, 1 Then I get this error: error '80004005' on the line for rs.open I know the database is good, if I remove the case statement it works. Unfortunately, I need the results in a specific order. ‚ÄčAny help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  18. i am new to SQL and can't figure out how to do the following: "SELECT * FROM 49866.csv WHERE SQLDATE BETWEEN '2014-03-01' AND '2014-05-01' AND TYPE = 'xx' OR TYPE = '2' AND LOT = 'xx' OR LOT = '1.1' OR LOT = 'BO'" I've tried: "SELECT * FROM 49866.csv WHERE (SQLDATE BETWEEN '2014-03-01' AND '2014-05-01') AND (TYPE = 'xx' OR TYPE = '2') AND (LOT = 'xx' OR LOT = '1.1' OR LOT = 'BO')" But it's not working. I assume I have the parentheses in the wrong spots. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  19. Hello, I have two websites running on my web server. Is there a way to include a file from website A on website B? I've tried: <!-- #include file="http://www.websiteA.com/incTop.asp" --> and <!-- #include virtual="http://www.websiteA.com/incTop.asp" --> and get: The include file 'http://www.websiteA.com/incTop.asp' was not found. Thank you,
  20. Thank you, I do have an E:/ drive that I use for uploading images to. I didn't even think of using this. Thanks!
  21. Is there a way to keep someone from viewing a file saved on my web server? For example I need to save an excel file to my web server that an ASP page opens and reads. I do not want someone to discover the URL (i.e. www.website.com/excelfilename.xls) and be able to type the URL directly and gain access to it. Thanks,
  22. I am having trouble getting the height of an image to re-size in proportion to its width when the screen gets re-sized. I would like to only use CSS. I've looked around the internet and nothing I am finding is helping. Here is my CSS as of now #banner img{max-width:100% !important;width:900px;height:auto;} The width will re-size the but the height won't. This is only a problem in IE8 (which is 20% of all our site traffic). Can anyone help? Thank you,
  23. thanks, I was using the AddHeader twice. I since removed one of them and it works now. Thanks.
  24. Thanks. I assume you are talking about setting the headers on both pages (the request page and the include page)?
  25. I have an ASP page that an outside company is requesting via AJAX. I've added "Access-Control-Allow-Origin", "*" to the response.addheader and everything works just fine. As soon as I add an <--#include file-->, the page does not work anymore. Can anyone tell me if this page structure is not allowed, or am I just doing something wrong? Thanks,
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