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  1. ^ Then say the element names are just scribbles you write yourself on the front of the box and if someone else comes he won't know which box to open unless you tell him what the name of each box means...
  2. Just a suggestion, I've read the tutorial for basic info about XML, the best way IMO to picture XML is each element is like a box, where it's contents are the contents of the box, and if it has sub-elements it's like a box inside another box, the name and attributes of each box are like things that are written on the box's label...This is just a suggestion for people who find it harder to understand the XML tutorial to make it easier for them...
  3. lol This riddle wasn't meant for tough programmers like you, I posted it on other site which is populated more by Puzzle solvers not puzzle makers. :)And yeah in fact , if a programmer is smart enough to un-encrypt the source code, I doubt he's having any problems solving the real riddle...:PAnd once I finish my next riddle (which is progressing at a really slow rate cause I'm not that energetic) it'll be an encryption method very similar to this but not but something else,
  4. ^ That's weird, I tested both picture and character pages and they both work fine and so does the 411 on them (though 411 only gives you a message"No Hints") as for the answer, are you completely sure of it? And if you were sure the answer is what you think it is, then if you've noticed each level is titled like this lvl#_###.htm with ### being the answer from the last level, so if you got it right, you could've tried it like the old fashion riddle site by changing the URL yourself.
  5. Well I didn't want to encrypt it like all the other levels since each time you push a button the answer gets re-encrypted and with an answer like the one for level 8 would be about 11 digits decimal number which might make the browser stop responding, but anways only you people here at W3S can figure it out, the rest of the people I'm showing the riddle to can't. If you want to know what the real answer, just look at these numbers for a bit and see if you can notice anything : And as for level 9, rule #1 in Escape the Room games :
  6. ^ Well yeah what I did reference is the value property and the onClick property, but anyways another friend of mine has already told me about giving id's to the buttons instead of names (just change name="B1" to id="B1") and all works perfectly, thanx anyways.
  7. Hello, I wanted to use a function that will make my next riddle site look really great and user friendly, but for that I needed to use the function, let's say you have a button called B1 on the page, and with value of "1", you go to another button on the page and change it's onClick="" command to onClick="B1.value='2'", it worked in IE 6, but when I wanted to use it in Firefox it got emo...Here's a sample:http://www.freewebs.com/anzapower/Buttonsample.htmTry it in Internet Explorer and in Firefox if you have it or any other browser and tell me what you see...:)If there's no way to make it work
  8. The CalculatorHello, I believe most of you web developers here might know what a riddle site (or change-the-URL-riddle) is, well, this is not a change the URL riddle, I've played some of those and the most annoying part in them is when you keep trying to guess the answer and keep getting the 404 error, not to mention deleting and rewriting that part of the address and stuff...So I thought about it a little and came to W3Schols and picked up some knowledge in Javascript, I used it to make a riddle which would locally check your answers then take you to the next page if it's correct...So anyways
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