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    Here is the complete page<?php// Always at the VERY TOP of the page.// The opening php tag above has to be the// VERY FIRST thing in your page, NO blank lines,// no NOTHING EVER, or it will NOT work. Yes, really!require 'captcha.php';// Now $captchaimg and $captchawav are set and we can introduce // those links wherever we like in the page. We can also// access the captcha code as $_SESSION['captchacode']// and verify what the user enters in our form, as shown// below.// Where to send the messages users enter in the contact form// (change to your address if you really use this)$myaddress =
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    Email To Self

    Here is the sent script<?phpif ($_POST['send']) { $errors = array(); if ($_POST['captcha'] != $_SESSION['captchacode']) { $errors[] = "You did not enter the letters shown in the image."; } if (!count($errors)) { // IMPORTANT: If you don't call this the // user will keep getting the SAME code! captchaDone(); $subject = $_POST['subject']; $detail = $_POST['detail']; mail($myaddress, 'Contact Form Submission', $subject, $detail); // Notice we can shift in and out of "HTML mode" // to display some HTML only when the // user passes the test?>David
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    Email To Self

    Hello, I have a script that is working finally and is sending the proper information that is submitted in the form to me.But I am having a problem getting the ID of the text fields to come through to me. And I have about a dozen different text field like name, state, zip, phone and so on.Any help would be wonderfulThank youDavid B
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