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  1. No Name At All


    This is hard, I'm current;y trying to use layers but then the hover doesn't work....
  2. Sorry, but there is no way I'm going to read through all those replies, I just want to say that PHP need the 'try it yourself' links.
  3. I have two suggestions:1. W3Schools.com could teach HTML coders a little bit more with a "marquee" section, I was completely clueless about anything about it until I visited a new HTML tutorial site (this is the BEST site for most code tutorials) and I saw the interesting word, so I clicked it. I then found that that's how people make falling text on MySpace. Coders can use this.2. I got so bored with HTML and CSS (not really but I have to have a reason for what I am about to say) so I went to try to learn PHP today, I LOVE it! I HATE that there are NO 'Try it yourselfs' like HTML and CSS and JavaScript and BASICALLY EVERY OTHER TUTORIAL (not yelling, just emphasis). Try it yourselfs are so good, especially W3Schools because you can edit, update, and preview! It has TWO windows! Who doesn't like that?
  4. This is a just a little list thing that can make your site better (maybe easier to use). Refering to your home page Make not just text on your links the link, but the whole entire box. You can do this with <div> or <td>, if your boxes are images make the image a link.Refering to your "Primeiro semestre" section In the top box the box with in that box (I don't know what it says so I might not know if it is appropriate) but it'd look uniform in it were centered.
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