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  1. Hello, How to we pass the non ascii string as input argument to the PHP Script ? For example below argv[1] - hi_INargv[2] - 100argv[3] -"हिंदी का अनुवा" $ php voxom_tts_integ.php hi_IN 100 "हिंदी का अनुवा"But I am not able to pass the hindi or non ascii text as argument to PHP Script Regards Deepak Bhatia
  2. How do we get the error_type means E_WARNING or E_ERROR ?
  3. Hi, Thanks in advance. How do we check whether the php function called generates which error ? For example, if I set the wrong timezone then I get E_NOTICE date_default_timezone_set('Asia/Kolkata'); But how do we check which E_WARNING/E_NOTICE etc is generated. Regards Deepak Bhatia
  4. Hi, I want to feature to enter english and other languages in my website input box. I mean where I enter the text, I can choose the language to enter. Regards Deepak Bhatia
  5. Hi,I have a web site which works only in IE. I am using the hyperlink of the same web site in my website.Now I open my website in Firefox, the link to the website if clicked will open in Firefox which it doesn't support.Can I set my hyperlink in the anchor tag to always open in Internet Explorer ?RegardsDeepak Bhatia
  6. Hi,When I do readfile and if there is a space character in the file name then the downloaded file doesn't give file name after after then.How can make a work around for this ?I am thinking making a copy of the file replacing space character in file by a dash character (using copy function).RegardsDeepak Bhatia
  7. Hi,Anybody implemented Kerberos Authentication using PHP.Thanx in advance.RegardsDeepak Bhatia
  8. Hi,We are not able to understand the first string to be matched in the below preg_match function'/^exact:[\s\S]*Project Manager:$/'preg_match('/^exact:[\s\S]*Project Manager:$/',$this->selenium->getText("//div[@id=adminreport]/div/form/table/tbody/tr[6]/td[1]/b"))===========================================================================^: Start of string$: end of string1. What is the meaning of exact ?2. If * has a special meaning why it is not coming \*
  9. Firstly index1.php is called to serialize and then index2.php is called to unserialize. But index2.php is not showing the content============================File1 - index1.php<?php class xyz123 { public $one = 1; public function show_one() { echo $this->one; } } $a = new xyz123; $s = serialize($a); // store $s somewhere where page2.php can find it. file_put_contents('store', $s);?>==========================================================File 2 - index2.php<?php // this is needed for the unserialize to work properly. $s = file_get_contents('store'); $a = unserialize($s); // now use the function show_one() of the $a object. echo $a;?>==============================
  10. Yes you are absolutely right, we had firewall issues in which McAfee was disabling the play of the video.
  11. I am also surprised because the example given by W3School should work.http://www.w3schools.com/media/tryit.asp?f..._videoaviobject
  12. Hi,I tried to see this example given on W3schools, but it is not running on internet explorer.RegardsDeepak Bhatia<html><body><h2>Playing The Object</h2><objectclassid="clsid:22D6F312-B0F6-11D0-94AB-0080C74C7E95"><paramname="FileName"value="http://www.ananova.com/about/vap_windows_check.wmv" /></object></body></html>
  13. Hi,When I click a link, I should get a page without Browsers menus etc. Please help.RegardsDeepak
  14. Thanks for your reply.Actually we have a long term plan of making the company intranet with various contents like company news, employee interactions thru blogging, employee database maintainance and lot of other features.So I have suggested Drupal because I have heard in the long run Drupal is better than Joomla and Wordpress, though these also have certain advantages.Please share your specific experieces on any CMS you have used till now.RegardsDeepak Bhatia
  15. Hi,Which one is a good content management system - PHP based ?RegardsDeepak Bhatia
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