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  1. I understand. Typing everything in the text editor will bring the inconvenience of having, then, to manually add the tags. I'd like a more semi-automated process What about moving to a CMS? If then, which one?
  2. Well, my site was originally created to be presented to my classmates, but it quickly spread to all the city, and some other cities in my country. I often get thanks and feedback by e-mail. And, nevertheless, I always wanted a GOOD thing, because I like perfection, as much as I can get What would you recommend for me to do the typing? I need Word because of the spellchecking features. I also do the rich-text formatting such as bold, italics, links, bulleted and numbered lists, and so on. This is all pasted onto the WYSIWYG editor. Speaking of them, you said Are there no exceptions? Not ev
  3. Thanks for your opĂ­nion, but I'm still thinking of changing the way things are created... That tables I use a lot are only in the index page, but the main content are the class notes you access by clicking any of those links in the very-populated table. Take a look, for instance, at this: http://notasdeaula.org/dir8/direito_administrativo2_14-09-11.html Don't mind about the language, just have in mind the ammount of text and the way it is done. If you take a look at the source, you'll see a lot of unnecessary html code...
  4. Hello! There isn't exactly a specific forum for this question, so HTML is the most approximate. I have a site in which I focus on content. I have basic html and css knowledge, so I designed a mĂ­nimalistic layout with basic text and tables. Almost zero images, because they take precious deciseconds to load. What it is? A class notes site, where I copy (type in my laptop) everything (yes, everything, not a summary) my teachers at college say, then I publish to share with my friends and the world. Check out http://notasdeaula.org, however it's in Portuguese. I use Microsoft Word to do the typing,
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