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    C++ can be hard to grasp, but once you understand what your doing you will enjoy working with it, from experience I would recommend some sort of 1 to 1 tutorial from a qualified programmer its much faster and easier to grasp, the size of c++ books are crazy they are like large bricks.
  2. abs

    Linking Xml With Html

    Hi ellcXml is quite easy and straight forward, it’s basically used to capsulate data or store data. Check out DTD, XSL, XSLT and XPATH the tutorials are available on W3Schools they are easy to learn. XSL is used to access data stored in XML and it’s good to know HTML and CSS to make the data more readable and pretty
  3. abs

    Self Join

    not alot of good tutorials online, just realised how good W3 schools is.any way went through my old Lecture notes and worked on the examples, can you guys let me know if my understanding is correctSELF JOINFind any buses which are the same model as bus H259IJKSELECT b2. *FROM bus b1, bus b2WHERE b1.reg_no = ‘H259IJK’ --Selects 1 field with the matching reg_no in table b1AND b1.model = b2.mode -- The model number is matched with the models in the b2 and displays details of similar modelsSELECT b2.* FROM bus AS b1 INNER JOIN bus AS b2 -- does it produce sam
  4. abs

    Self Join

    :) why hasnt W3 schools covered SELF JOIN
  5. abs

    Self Join

    Hi peepsFinding it abit difficult to understand SELF Join if someone could explain it or direct me to a site it would be very appreciated.
  6. abs

    Northwind Database

    Thanks for replyingI found the database sample on Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=enJustSomeGuy thanks for the script but I not familiar with sql server need to learn. I have worked with MySQL toad and SQL I Oracle
  7. AHOY AHOY Finally I can post and dont know what to post ok here to seek help and learn hopefully people here are friendly and waiting to help reallllly want to improve my development skills, i have played around with HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, SQLenjoy sql and html fairly easy and straight forward.I was curios do people really build sites in their spare time? I cant be bothered unless it's coursework or I'm getting paid to do it
  8. abs

    Northwind Database

    HiI’m really enjoying learning SQL and the W3 Schools website has been really helpful. They frequently use the Northwind Database in their examples and I tried searching for the database but couldn’t find it. I really would like to download the database or if there are any scripts available that can create the table in SQL.If you guys have the Northwind Database or any other database I could use please post a link or a script.As for SQL software I’m planning to use the Microsoft SQL Server Express. If you guys know any other advance tutorials on SQL it would be helpful.
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