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  1. I'm trying to set a cookie for a user *only* when they click a certain link. My code is in ASP.The code I'm using looks like this:

    <a href="/backend/" rel="external" id="footlink" onclick="<% Response.Cookies("mobile") = "Full"			    Response.Cookies ("mobile").Expires = DATE + 30%>"> Full Site </a>

    But it's not working, it's setting the cookie even though the link isn't clicked. What can I do to fix this?

  2. I have a custom font that I've set in my CSS for various elements of my website, including header, footer and navigation menu. On my home page, the font is not loading and is defaulting to Arial. If you navigate on any other page within my website, the font loads as it should. Only on the homepage am I experiencing this issue, and it's only in Firefox 15 on a Mac. I've provided a screenshot from that browser. I've analyzed the code over and over and can't find any differences between the homepage and the rest of the site. Does anyone have any ideas?


  3. I am using a custom font on my webpage, and in one specific browser, the font is not showing up. This is fine -- if the custom font doesn't load, the next available font I've set in my CSS is Arial. My problem is that the set font-size of my custom font is 70 pixels. If the custom font doesn't show up, Arial is used and is 70 pixels, which is really, really large. I would like to make it so that, if Arial is used, the font-size is 48 pixels. Is this possible to do through CSS?

  4. This is the page I am referring to: http://www.surepayroll.com/small-business-resources/ On the page, you'll see two columns towards the bottom with "Small Business Video Minutes" and "Small Business Articles" as the headline. Underneath the headline is some copy, and below the copy is a list of links. When I view this page on my iPhone, I see the list of links in the Video Minutes column is much smaller than the list of links in the Articles column. Here's a screenshot of what I see on my phone: list-on-phone.pngI'm looking at the CSS and I can't find anything that would cause this. Can someone offer up any advice? Thanks in advance for any help.

  5. I have a form that has four fields, and the last field is an upload-file field. I want the user to upload a video file, which must be in one of four formats. The uploaded video will be placed in a folder on my server. Once the form submits, an email is sent to me and the form fields are stored in a database.I am getting emails and seeing the information in my database, but I cannot get the upload onto my server. Also, file types that I want to accept are being told that it's not acceptable. For instance, I tried to upload a .mov file and got the message: The file is not a video format we accept.I have been talking to some colleagues of mine but I cannot get this fixed. Can someone take a look at this code and offer any advice? Here is my code:

    <?php //ftp acess$host = "ftp.hostname.com";$usr = "username";$password = "pass";//This is the directory where images will be saved$local_file = $_FILES['video']['tmp_name'];$ftp_path = "/upload/".$_FILES['video']['name'];$type = $_FILES['video']['type'];$size = $_FILES['video']['size'];if($size < 151000000) {if(($type == 'video/mpeg') || ($type =='video/mov') || ($type =='video/mp4') || ($type =='video/mpg') || ($type =='video/avi')) {//connect to the FTP server$conn = ftp_ssl_connect($host, 21) or die("Can't connect to the host!");ftp_login($conn, $usr, $password) or die("Cannot login");  $upload = ftp_put($conn, $ftp_path, $local_file, FTP_ASCII);// check upload status:} else {echo "The file is not a video format we accept";}} else {echo "The size of the file is to large";}// close the FTP streamftp_close($conn);//This gets all the other information from the form$name=$_POST['name'];$email=$_POST['email'];$phone=$_POST['phone'];$vid=addslashes(basename($_FILES['video']['name']));// Connects to your Databasemysql_connect("localhost", "username", "pass") or die("Error connect: ".mysql_error()) ;mysql_select_db("database_name") or die("Can't connect to Database".mysql_error()) ;//Writes the information to the database$query = "INSERT INTO video (videoid, Name, Email, Phone, Video) VALUES ('','$name', '$email', '$phone', '$vid')";if(!mysql_query($query)){  echo "Error uploading information";}else {  $headers = 'From: '.$email. "\r\n" . 'Reply-To: '.$email. "\r\n". 'X-Mailer: PHO/' . phpversion();  $message = "Name: ".$name . "\r\n";  $message .= "Email : ".$email . "\r\n";  $message .= "Phone number: ".$phone. "\r\n";;  $message .= "Video file: ". $vid;  mail("myemail@gmail.com", "Video uploaded", $message,$headers);header('Location: http://mysite.com/submit/thank-you.php') ;}?>

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

  6. Would have love to help, but i use mobile dev' and i cant view the source code. posting the code here, may help!
    Thank you, here is what I am working with:
    <div id="counter"><script>var START_DATE = new Date("August 20, 2006"); // put in the starting date herevar INTERVAL = 1; // in secondsvar INCREMENT = 1; // increase per tickvar START_VALUE = 1; // initial value when it's the start datevar count = 0;window.onload = function(){var msInterval = INTERVAL * 1000;var now = new Date();count = parseInt((now - START_DATE)/msInterval) * INCREMENT + START_VALUE;document.getElementById('counter').innerHTML = count;setInterval("count += INCREMENT; document.getElementById('counter').innerHTML = count;", msInterval);}</script></div>

  7. why are you using document.write to execute a function? You realize the simplest solution to your original problem was just to create another HTML element to set the seconds too, instead of having them both "write" to the same element?
    I'm sorry but no, I don't realize it... do you mean copying the code and using a different id? Like "counter2" instead of "counter"?
  8. Hi, I'm trying to have a "count-up" timer on my website that displays seconds, minutes, hours, and days that have accumulated since a specific date. I'm not much of a JavaScript coder so I found a script online that seems pretty simple. It works just how I want for seconds, so I copied the code and replicated it for minutes. When I saved and refreshed my page, only the seconds display. http://www.wuzhannanan.com/alex/timeticker.html What do I need to do in order to display both seconds and minutes? Thank you in advance for any help.

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  9. My page here looks good on standard size monitors: http://www.wuzhannanan.com/site5/ But when I expand the browser, the middle content is flushed left while the header and footer stay centered. See my screenshot: http://www.wuzhannanan.com/images/max-width.png I understand this is because the .left, .center and .right classes float left. Is there another way I can keep these three classes contained, and centered when the browser expands?

  10. I've been having an issue in IE with the design of this page so I am re-tracing my steps to try and figure out the issue. I removed the rollover effect from the images, and when I did that it moved the position of my stage off-center. You can see this here: http://acq.matthewboehler.com/nofade.php, compared to what it looks like when its centered: http://acq.matthewboehler.com/ All I did was remove the class="fade" and background image. I'm confused how this changed the position, can someone help explain to me?

  11. After applying the "fade" class to every image, the two images in the center column underneath the large kitchen image aren't working well together - the right "horse" image is not appearing. When you refresh the browser, you can see the image for a split second, but then it goes away. I put each image in its own container, but that's not working. Is there CSS I can apply to the classes to fix this, without having to alter the JS?

  12. Ok thank you for that, I get it now. I noticed, though that when I put in the navigation CSS, it caused my dropdown menus to drop very slowly. When I removed position:relative from the CSS, the menu speed was fine. I'm confused why position:relative is causing the menu to drop down slow- any idea?

  13. I'm trying to center a row of three floating divs, each with a max-width set. You can see the page here: http://acq.matthewboehler.com/test.php Everything on the page is centered within the <stage> div, but for the grid of images. Those are left aligned. I've tried text-align:center; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto, and none of those worked. I even tried putting the grid into an unordered list, but that didn't work either. Is this possible?

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