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  1. <div id="Footer"><?php include("footer.php"); ?></div> Im using an include code
  2. Hey, I looked at the Div tags and deleted what was unnecessary, but it didn't correct the problem. The footer is still being overlapped. And when I entered in the margin changes for the footer, it moved the content on the Rightside a few pixels to the left, pushing it outside of the header-area.Any ideas on what I can do to make my footer visible? I really have been looking into this for like a week and can't figure out what's wrong. On some pages it looks great.
  3. By the way, I tried to do a "clear: both;" command, but that did not work.
  4. My website here:http://www.healthnutsradio.com/backend/index.phpHas the footer hidden underneath the main body content. If you look at how it is supposed to look:http://www.healthnutsradio.com/backend/contact_us.phpYou will see the footer is visible at the bottom. Does any one know what I'm doing wrong on the index.php page? Thank you for your help
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