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  1. The page in question is a Wordpress page... if this isn't the best place to make this post, is there any other forums that are specific to Wordpress, besides the one at wordpress.org?
  2. Hi, I have a blog set up here: http://wuzhannanan.com/blog/. I am trying to create a dropdown menu, where if you rollover "Payroll" and "About Us," a menu appears. I am trying to replicate the navbar on this page: WebsiteI have the javascript file in the header file, but for some reason the dropdown effect will not work. Is there something I am missing or doing wrong? Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. Hi, I have incorporated the tabber function that I found here: http://www.barelyfitz.com/projects/tabber/I modified it for my page, which is here: http://www.surepayroll.com/product/payroll/Now, I want to make the "Products & Services" tab a green color instead of the #ededed color on the other tabs. I've tried to make different classes in the CSS for this tab but to no luck. Just by looking at the code, does anyone see anything that will allow me to designate the color for this one tab?Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Yes, that does the trick. Thank you very much for all your help.
  5. Ok, adding that margin and padding reset does fix the problem in IE. Now both FF and IE look alike.So I removed the reset from the CSS and then changed all of the <div id="inputWrapper"> and <div id="inputWrap"> instances to just <div> containers. When I hit refresh in the IE browser, it went back to the old look, with the unwanted margin/padding.Is there any way to apply the margin/padding reset to just the form? I even tried adding margin:0; padding:0; to the .homepage-form class, and to the table, and nothing changed.Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. Yes, thanks for pointing this out. Unfortunately I don't believe that is causing this problem.
  7. Here's the XHTML: <div class="homepage-form"> <div class="fontsize18 color64828c"><strong>Get a personalized quote!</strong></div> <script language="JavaScript" src="/quote/960/check.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <form class="fpq" action="/quote/quote.asp" method="POST" id="quotesform1" name="quotesform1" onSubmit="return checkquotevalues();"> <input name="ReferralCode" type="hidden"> <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="120"> <tr> <td align="left"> <div id="inputWrapper"><input class
  8. I'm using a Strict DTD. I tried setting the border-collapse to collapse... I did this in the <table>, the <tr> and the <td> and nothing changed in IE. I am using table rows for everything that appears on a new line. ("First Name" is in a <td> and "Last Name" is in a <td> as well on the same row, and then the row breaks and a new row begins.
  9. Hi I have a form placed inside a table, and it seems to be giving a lot of unwanted padding and margins in IE, while FireFox looks good. Here is an image of what it looks like in FF:But in IE, you will see there is padding at the top of the table and in some of the fields as well:Now, "Get a personalized quote!" is outside of the table. But, the table settings have cellpadding=0; cellspacing=0; and border=0;. I tried setting a style to it as well, with margin:0; padding:0; but it doesn't change anything in IE.Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for looking at the code, I very much appreciate it. The thing is, if you can't tell already, this is a Wordpress page, and the form is created by a plugin. Thus, I don't have much control over the structure of the code, as it is, by default, wrapped in the wrapper and body code. Unfortunately, I have to stick with the list structure.My guess is you're correct - that in order to position things how I want, I will need to redefine the list items so they don't behave like list items. By looking at the CSS, http://www.bigwarehouse.net/wp-content/plu...s.css?ver=2.9.2, I'm assuming that I wl
  11. I've given a clear:both; to the Name of Product and Email fields, and it seems that doing so clears the line completely, so that the A and B fields are not displayed until after the Name of Product and Email fields. I want them both to appear on the same horizontal, just break onto a new line so that Name of Product lines up with A, line break, and Email lines up with B.Here's a mockup of what I'm trying to accomplish:http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu262/m...er3/bw-form.jpgIs there a way to separate these into two columns and break onto a new line without using the clear? It seems the clea
  12. Thanks for the link. I have added a float:right to the elements I want to float right, but they are not breaking onto a new line. Is there a way to get the A on top of the B, and the submit button to be underneath B? I'd also like them to be on the same line as the Name of Product fields, not breaking after them. How can I accomplish that?
  13. Hi, I have a form I am trying to style here: http://www.bigwarehouse.net/?page_id=18I want to create a table-like look with two columns, where the first column is 33% of the total width and the second column is 66% of the total width.If you look at the link, I want to have the A and B fields fit in the second column and be placed to the right of the other fields (Name of product and Email). How can I use CSS to accomplish this? It was suggested to me that I use absolute and/or relative positioning to do this, but I have tried this morning and nothing has worked. Can anyone offer some advice? I
  14. Thanks for your help, when I have this code in my header:<?php echo "<img src='wp-content/themes/warehouse/images/get-started.jpg' alt='Get Started' />"; ?> the image shows on my homepage (localhost/wordpress/)... however when I go to another page, localhost/wordpress/page/ for example, the image does not display, but the ALT tag does show. Do you know why this is?
  15. I have my images folder inside of my current theme's folder. It still thinks the images directory is at the same level as index.php, even though the path has "images/" in front of it? Since the images folder is in the theme folder (wp-content/themes/[theme name]), how do I tell Wordpress that?Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. Weird, I tried using this code: <?php echo "<img src='images/get-started.jpg' alt='Get Started' />"; ?> and the image failed to display. Is there something else I can use?
  17. mboehler3

    Display an image

    Hi, I am very very new to PHP and I am trying to build my own Wordpress template from HTML code. I've created the header.php and I'm trying to display an image I have inside my images folder. I believe I need to use an echo statement, but I may be wrong. Can someone please offer me some help? I appreciate it very much, thank you in advance.
  18. It seems that IE6 gives padding and/or margin to the <form> tag... so setting style="padding:0;margin:0" allowed the green nav menu to not "blow up"... thanks for checking here!
  19. Hi all,I have a website here: Visit My Website. I am trying to add a "site search" feature to the page, where users can search for terms on the website.I'd like to include the search box inside the green nav bar at the top, to the right of the drop-down links. In order to fit the search box on the same line, I've shortened some of the names of the links in the green nav. In the code, I've added the search bar right after the </ul> tag that closes the list I used to make the nav menu.Everything looks great in IE7, IE8, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. All look similar to this:However I'
  20. yes, after playing around with the code i found it to work. thanks for looking into this.
  21. Hi all. I'm trying to mimic this website here: http://totalsportsnaperville.com/index.html, complete with the background image effect they have about half way down the page. It's kind of a gray gradient that meshes well with the black background.The site I have created is here: http://www.mattboehlerresume.com/backend/chasers/index.htmlIf you look at the code, I've used <div class="wrapper"> to create this background effect, where wrapper in the CSS is listed as {background: url(images/img06.gif) repeat-x;height: 95px;}. The background image is in my images folder.My problem is that the
  22. When I have my form set up like this: Yes <input type="radio" name="CurrentPlan" id="CurrentPlan" value="Yes"> No <input type="radio" name="CurrentPlan" id="CurrentPlan2" value="No"> and the JS: if(document.getElementById("CurrentPlan").checked == false){message = message+"Please select a Current plan.\n"; } I get an error message only if "Yes" isn't selected. If "No" is selected, I still get the error message.
  23. Well I'm not supposed to have two elements with the same ID... so do I make one id=CurrentPlan and the other id=CurrentPlan2 and then write an if, else statement?
  24. Well I'm in the third week of my first scripting class and I've had limited experience writing my own script. Please understand that I greatly appreciate your help working through this with me despite my lack of knowledge.In my form I have this code for the radio buttons:Yes <input type="radio" name="CurrentPlan" id="cpyes" value="Yes"> No <input type="radio" name="CurrentPlan" id="cpno" value="No"> And in my JS I have this: if(document.getElementById("CurrentPlan").checked == false){ message = message+"Please select a Current plan.\n"; } But when I hit submit
  25. So where does document.getElementById("CurrentPlan").checked go in my JS? what do I add to it in order to display a message if a radio button is unchecked?
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