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  1. Dear all php lovers,please i need the help in this issue well, i'm building small script to send sms from 3G USB Modem im using Huawei USB Modem i will post the code and mentioned the required suggestion <?php define('PHONE_NUMBER', '5551234');define('SMS_TEXT', 'Hello world!'); /** * Sends data to the modem */function send_data($f, $string) {echo "< $string\n";fprintf($f, "$string\r\n");} /** * Reads lines from the serial port. It reads until a non blank line is * received then returns it. */function get_string($f) {do {// remove carriage returns, line feeds and excess white space$response = trim(str_replace(array("\r\n","\r","\n"), '', fgets($f)));} while ($response == ''); return $response;} /** * Waits for OK to be sent back by the modem. */function wait_for_ok($f) {do {$response = get_string($f);echo "> $response\n";} while ($response != "OK");} // MAIN CODE // Create the context$c = stream_context_create(array('dio' => array('data_rate' => 9600, 'data_bits' => 8, 'stop_bits' => 1, 'parity' => 0, 'flow_control' => 0, 'is_blocking' => 0, 'canonical' => 1))); // Open the port$f = fopen("dio.serial:///dev/tty.ZTEUSBATPort_", "r+", false, $c); if ($f) {// Re-enable blockingstream_set_blocking($f, true); // Set SMS text entry modesend_data($f, "AT+CMGF=1");wait_for_ok($f); // Send an SMSsend_data($f, "AT+CMGS=\"" . PHONE_NUMBER . "\"");send_data($f, SMS_TEXT);// Send CTRL-Z to end SMS text entryfprintf($f, chr(26)); wait_for_ok($f); // Close the portfclose($f);}?> now the problem in this line $f = fopen("dio.serial:///dev/tty.ZTEUSBATPort_", "r+", false, $c); i want to change it to be compatible with windows dio.serial:///dev/tty.ZTEUSBATPort_ this is compatible with linux what is the change required to be connected and working on windows ?? thanks all for help
  2. Hi all,i have serious problem i need to find help for iti need code help me to upload excel file and insert it into mySQL database.but very important point.the excel file MORE THAN 50,000 ROWS ( File size about 6 MB )Please i need code valid to insert this large excel file into mySQL database.thanks very much
  3. Dr-SeMSeM

    Staff Logs Issue

    Hello All , currently i`m working in project and there is will be moderators ... and they will have ability to approve memberships , articles ... etc i need to create a moderator logs .. to know which one of moderators approve or decline this article or membership .unfortunately i don`t have starting point .. where should i start from ???advise please .thanks
  4. Hi all , i have a problem and need expert advise currently i`m creating simple upload form ..the problem that the form dosn`t read any information about chose file here are the code below advise please .. i`m working on php5 .
  5. Hi all ,please check the link belowhttp://rapidshare.com/files/280536632/vedio_page.htm.htmlits about a video code to play video from youtube and the page contain many linksnow i need to know , how to make the other videos load in the same page?ie . in this page i have many links .. for exampleEpisode 1 play in the current pageand i need when i press on Episode 2 .. the video load in the same frame please advise.Thanks
  6. i contact my hosting provider and told me its enabled and give me this code to put it in htaccess file but this code write or wrong and where to upload it .. in root folder of the script ??
  7. Hi all ,im creating a website base on tree category ..suppose that the category will be like this example and category no1 named as games or series ...etc ..how to make the url appear as next : thanks for help
  8. Hi all ,im a newbie in PHP programming and im working on programming a personal website for watching videos onlinethe aim of the website or the something i want to know how exactly to create it the following :What is the code allow me from admin panel to add ( Category / Subcategory belong to mail category & so on ) For Example :============================Main Category ( Series )Subcategory ( 2009 )sub-sub catgory ( Prison Break ) ============================Series- 2009-- Prison Break---- Season IV .ie .. i can add infinity numbers of sections and select to which pre exist section created and can modify it later please give me the idea how to create it , and thanks for your advance
  9. one of my friends told me that its will be better to create it but as PHP page with config file where i canwrite the user and pass what i want to view content of this page ..if it possible with php page please tell me how to do it or give me the code because im not a programmer ..i just designer ...thanks for advance
  10. its only one user name and one password ... not multible useres .. only one user and one password .. i think it can be created using Java .. but what is the code if it can do it ..its about a name and password to view page only ...
  11. Hello everybody i wanna to ask about mini issuei want to create an index with domain name , once i open the page link asking me about user name and pass ( stored in page information or any other way )something like this pictureplease tell me how to create a page like this , once i type to true user and pass ... i can sea the content ..if now .. giving me access denied or worng user or pass ?thanks for help
  12. Hi all,i want to know is there premade script for e-learning which allow me to use multi language add categories , sub categories , post articles in rich text formats . add videos from youtube , add images , polls , ....etc ?please if there is exist one please tell me about it ..thanks for help
  13. thanks very much for your help ill start today and told you about the starting results thanks again
  14. Hi all ,currently im planning with a friend to create multi language websiteAIM :depend on regisration of the website and chose the default language .. and then to manage his owen saved texts on the website thats mean every member will have his owen saved notes or calendar ... so , what is the best way to create it under multi language and by the way ..how to create add language function to add more in the future ?im thinking in the next :to make language files inside folders ( such as IPB software ) and create it basically on another language ..then we translate it manually .... and the skin will be standard and may change some features .. such as chosing a skin with the language ... etc fainally : What is your advise to start the project correctly ... thanks for advance
  15. Hi all ,this is the first post for me ,hope i find the true information here please check the following link ,http://www.egypt.com/index_ar.phpalso please check this picture how to do this action , which language with php , or what the codeif you check the link , you will find that you can move site blocks to arrange it as you wantand the arrange stored in cookies file stored on my computer ... please tell me how to do it thanks for advance
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