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  1. I have tried to find out how to publish a PowerPoint slide (just one) or even an entire show to the web. I can find the directions for PPT 2003 but not for 2007 (which is the version I'm using). Any ideas? Does Open Office's version of PPT have that facility? Is it easier to access? Basically I suppose I want to know if I can save a .pptx file as an .html file. I have tried to do it when using the "Save As" function but for some reason the save as dialogue box doesn't give me the option to save it as a different format.
  2. I just wanted to add another question to this topic - regarding animation... I want to make a door and I want the door to open. I am very new when it comes to animation and dynamic coding so I am wondering where do I actually start. Do I use a picture of a door or do I have to make the door myself? Do I use DHTML or JavaScript? Am I supposed to be making a .gif? I'm not looking for someone to give me the door as such but rather to just set me on the right path to this kind of thing.
  3. thanks for the response. I recently began learning JavaScript so I am glad to hear it is that capable. I will try and find the effects in that language then in the meantime.
  4. I am really keen to start learning flash and animation. My XHTML, JavaScript and PHP is really starting to get concrete and I'd like to move onto more complex stuff - to really get web pages to "dance". Besides the adobe software, are there any other flash software packages (preferably open source as I'm really not in a position to afford the big guns) or animation packages that anyone has tried. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions.
  5. I have figured out the reason:I needed to code the table tag like this in order to actually see the cells. Effectively I had created a border value of "0".<table border="1">
  6. Apologies my coding was a little messy; here is the correct code I used:<?php$name = "John";$address = "123 Main Str.";$output = " ";$output .= "<table style= \"border: 1px solid black\ "> \n;$output .= " <tr> \n";$output .= " <td>Name</td> \n";$output .= " <td>$name</td> \n";$output .= " </tr> \n";$output .= " <tr> \n";$output .= " <td>Address</td> \n";$output .= " <td>$address</td> \n";$output .= " </tr> \n";$output .= "</table>\n";print $output?>
  7. I am using Aptana for an exercise coming directly from a php study guide. The idea is to create a very basic table to understand more about creating XHTML output in the PHP language. I am using the output method. I have also tried the same exercise using Heredocs but still have the same problem.Problem: When viewed in a browser the table is only one cell. There should be four cells (two rows, two columns). But all the text is just evenly spaced in one cell - no table as such.Here is the code I have used which comes directly from the guidebook I am using for study:<?php$name = "John";$ad
  8. Indeed I believe it shall.Thanks Virgil
  9. I want to try and simplify it for myself. As I understand it there are three steps here:1. The user sees a product and wants more information. The user then clicks the "more info" button/link.2. A popup opens with text (Please enter your details and we will get back to you), three form fields (name, telephone number, email) and an "okay" and a "cancel" button.3. Upon clicking "okay" (obviously "cancel" will just close the window) the form is emailed to me with all the information as well as the product code as the subject.The first step involves the link <a href="infoform.php?pc=A001>
  10. Regarding the Product Codes (pc), I don't think I understand as clearly as I thought.Does the entire form then need to be coded into a .php document? ie the form would technically be "echoed" and the subject field would contain the _GET command?Or would I code the form as an HTML document and insert a small piece of php script (namely get the pc) in the subject field?
  11. Thanks for that. I completely understand how to get the product code into the form. Thanks so much.Regarding the additional fields on the form... normally the .php file would look like what is below. Say the additional field was "Price". Would I add $price to $message or $headers? Obviously the information itself would need to go into the message body - so I assume I would add it to the $message= statement?<?php$to = "receiver@hisemail.com";$subject = $_POST ['subject'];$message = $_POST ['message'];$email = $_POST ['email'];$headers = 'From: $name, $email';mail($to,$subject,$message,"
  12. Thanks. I understand that I will need to use PHP Includes. I have a vague idea of how to do this and am working on getting it right. I can insert the include into the <head> section of the document, I am just struggling to write the actual .php document. Really all I need it to do is state that all links will target the iframe.
  13. I understand how to use the <base target="..."> statement within the <head> section of a document in order to have all links open in an iframe. However, I actually intend for every link across the site to open in the same target. Is it possible to write the <base target="..."> statement into an external style sheet? If not, is there another way to do this or would I have to code the statement into each page individually?
  14. I have really done a lot of reading on the net about this. But there is just so much info out there that I am pretty confused by the whole issue. Can anyone help me with adding this function to my site - or alternatively provide links to some simple and practical tutorials?
  15. jadiebrown

    Advanced Forms

    I know how to code a contact form into a page. I am also comfortable with writing the .php document to action the email to be sent from the form. However, my knowledge is basic. The fields I have used are Name, Email, Message and Subject. I would like to develop this into something quite a bit more advanced. Does anyone have any input to assist with these enhancements?1. The company sells products that are advertised online. Each product has a unique code (e.g. A092). Next to each product is a link titled "more info". I would like this link to open up a contact form that holds the prod
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