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  1. Thanks for the reply but the = does not work as there is more than one result being supplied by the mypostcodes.There has to be an answer but its just not coming! Thanks for your support
  2. You should be using <%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT"%> but at the top of my pages it looks like this <%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%>
  3. HelloI have a postcode search function I am working on and it searches on distance from a given postcode. This works fine but the problem I am having is that when if there is a postcode in the database like BN12 and someone is searching N12 on the site it recalls the BN12 postcodes also. I'm assuming this is because there is the N12 in the BN12.Is there a way to search exaclty what the user wants so that N12 will only find N12?The code I am using is as follows:SELECT *FROM mytableWHERE Trim(Left(postcode, 4)) IN (" &mypostcodes& ")The mypostcodes bit of the code is a string that rec
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