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  1. Hello everyone! A colleague and I are having trouble deciding what we should name our MMOBBG that we are working on, which has strategic elements and similarities to Tribal Wars and Travian. So we've decided to come up with 6 possible names and cast several polls on several sites to get a better pool of results. With that said, which name do you prefer, or rather which name rolls off the tongue better?
  2. I'm almost done with this simple StarCraft themed web game and for now I would like some feedback on ease of navigation, look of the interface, mechanics, etc. I know this isn't exactly what WHT is for, but I thought there may be some people here able to give some good input.http://vilegaming.com/truecolors.x
  3. That doesn't explain why it isn't working. I understand the data from a INT form to a timestamp is lossy and may be innacurate, but how come (while both SQL statements use the same grouping) it isn't showing grouped rows from the beginning?Example.. go here..http://vilegaming.com/forums.php?m=postactivity&n=daily..it says there are 470 days.Then go here..http://vilegaming.com/forums.php?m=postact...y&start=460..the last row is "Wednesday 5th; December 2007"Then go here..http://vilegaming.com/forums.php?m=postact...y&start=760..notice this "Page 39 of 24 First << 470 days"
  4. That isn't the problem.. it seems to not even count some grouped values (ie. Week 03; January 2007).
  5. Hi folks, I am using the following MySQL query in my PHP script:SELECT FROM_UNIXTIME(com_date, 'Week %V; %M %X') as week FROM comments GROUP BY week ORDER BY com_date DESCThe server is returning only 110 weeks, but in reality there are 129.You can see it, here:http://vilegaming.com/statistics.php?m=com...y&start=120..you will notice it says only 110 weeks, but also page 7 of 6 (20 weeks per page).
  6. http://vilegaming.com - A StarCraft community with social networking aspects and leagues for competitive play.http://vgcache.com - A file sharing site.Comments & critiques are welcome!
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